WATCH: Vivek Ramaswamy, Rep. Byron Donalds and Rep. Cory Mills Speak Outside Manhattan Court House, Slam Crooked Judge, Biden Regime, and Convicted Perjurer Michael Cohen | The Gateway Pundit


President Trump was back in court on Tuesday as the never-ending Alvin Bragg show trial in New York City prevents him from campaigning across America.

The trial against Trump on still undefined criminal charges has gone on now for four weeks. This is the definition of election interference.

Of course, the mainstream legacy media lackeys are going along with this and reporting as if this unprecedented attack on Joe Biden’s political rival is something quite ordinary in American politics.

As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier, Trump was joined by North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL), Rep. Cory Millis (R-FL), former GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, and turncoat Speaker Mike Johnson, the worthless GOP House House leader who sides with Democrats and neglects his voting base on every issue possible.

Before his day in court, Trump slammed Democrats’ political persecutions as a substitute for campaigning and the far-left judge’s gag order against him by reading quotes others’ quotes as he did yesterday:

President Trump Speaks to Reporters Before Lawfare Show Trial: Governor Burgum, Rep. Donalds, Rep. Cory Mills, Vivek Ramaswamy and Speaker Johnson Join Him in Court Today – VIDEO

Donalds, Mills, and Ramaswamy spoke to the press earlier during the trial to condemn the weaponization of justice against Donald Trump and the testimony of convicted perjurer Michael Cohen.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Cohen took the stand Tuesday in what many are calling a theatrical performance in the sham Biden/Bragg hush money trial and admitted to lying to Congress and serving prison time, all in a bid to shield the man he now accuses: President Donald Trump.

Watch below:

Vivek Ramaswamy: So this is a shame, shame on the spirit of our country’s history, but we will get through it and be stronger because you know, who ultimately actually casts the vote on this case? It’s not just the jurors in that jury box. It’s every one of you at home. It’s every American who votes this November to say no to the weaponization of justice. And if you’re at home, you may say you know what, I don’t agree with everything Donald Trump’s ever said. You know what, I may not agree with some of his policies even, even though they were great policies for four years, but you do agree, whether you are Democrat, or Republican, or black, or white, or gay, or straight, or man, or woman, that our justice system should be blind to politics, that regardless of whether your last name is Biden or Trump, regardless of whether you’ve been a politician or not, you get a fair shake in our legal system.

Rep. Byron Donalds(R-FL): Ladies and gentlemen of America, this trial is a joke. This thing is a farce. We were in there all morning. Michael Cohen basically sat there and said, Yeah, he invoiced legal expenses. The Trump Organization, not the campaign, paid out money in legal expenses. Where’s the crime? There is no crime. The only crime that’s happening here is this Democrat judge and the Democrat Party prosecuting their political rival, right in the middle of a presidential election. The crime here is that the issues facing our nation are not being addressed by the Democrats, but they want to go after Donald Trump. And there’s nothing wrong. There’s nothing that has been wrong here. Nothing that has been done poorly by President Trump. The only thing that’s being done wrong is by this judge. His daughter is making money, raising money for Democrats, and all of the fundraising emails and all the fundraising things are about this trial that his daughter is using? He won’t recuse himself?

This is a travesty of justice. This is a misuse of the justice system. And look around New York. New York’s got plenty of issues. I’m from Brooklyn, New York. You have all of NYPD’s finest down here because of this travesty going on in that courtroom. Meanwhile, the citizens of New York are less safe, and the district attorney in New York is not prosecuting real crime. He’s a Soros-backed DA going after his chief political rival. Donald Trump. America is better than this. And so unfortunately, it’s going to take the American people this November to let their voices be heard on this travesty of justice that’s occurring and making sure that Donald Trump is the 47th President of the United States. I’ve never seen anything like it. This is a joke. It is a farce. It is a travesty. We are better than this as Americans. Unfortunately, the Democrat Party has lost their ever-loving minds. And so it’s going to take the American people to remind them that justice is supposed to be blind. It is not supposed to be going after political opponents and political rivals.

Rep Cory Mills (R-FL): What did we learn here today? What we’ve learned is that Michael Cohen, who has no credibility, who has purged himself multiple times, who has zero integrity, has actually admitted to defrauding the Trump Organization. He has listed his invoice as being actual legal precedence, where, in fact, he’s now claiming that it’s something other than that and that he knowingly and fraudulently put that forward. Look, as we talked about, why do they want this trial to continue? Well, they want it to continue because this is the fundraising source for Adam Schiff, for Biden, and for the Democrat opponents. This is nothing more than election interference at its finest.

You are seeing where the weaponization of what was the Department of Justice, now the Department of Injustice, has continued to be utilized against the American people and against the President of The United States. I will tell you right now, the same way that I stand here, steadfast behind our president, I know that America stands with them as well. They see this sham indictment. They see this for what it is without any actual substance whatsoever. Keep in mind, they keep actually talking about the FEC violations. But when you’re utilizing personal funds or utilizing a trust, that is not campaign funding there is no violation, which is why the FEC never actually even pursued this. And so, I think the American people see this for what it is. They want to keep President Trump off the campaign trail. They’re seeing what’s happening in the swing states across America. And they’re seeing exactly that this is draining down assets and resources that can be utilized by the President to continue to forge ahead to build a stronger economy, to secure our border, and to get our nation back on track. This is a sham, and that is the only thing this is Michael Cohen has no credibility, no integrity, and this is weaponization against our president.

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