WATCH: O’Keefe Exposes ABC Producer Revealing Pro-Biden and Anti-Trump Bias, Says Host George Stephanopoulos “F*cking Hates Trump!” | The Gateway Pundit


O’Keefe Media Group released a new video on Wednesday, exposing the mainstream media with Nick Cirone, a producer and booker from ABC News’ Good Morning America, who gives a tell-all on how they purposefully give Biden and the Democrats good press but smear and slant their coverage of Trump and “right-wing crazies” negatively.

This is something that we all know is true, but they refuse to admit it. Even Cirone seemingly has no idea that what they’re doing is wrong, claiming that “the truth, very overwhelmingly, has a liberal bias.”

Good Morning America is hosted by former Bill Clinton henchman George Stephanopoulos, who frequently goes off on rants against President Trump.

“It’s very clear” that Stephanopoulos “f*cking hates [Trump],” says Cirone. “If I had to guess, just based on what I know about him and what I hear him say on the air, he clearly thinks the guy’s deranged.”

Cirone states, “Obviously, we’re covering [news] in a neutral kind of a way. We’re not partisan.” However, he continues, “When we’re talking about a particular story, sure, if it’s like something that’s clearly positive for Biden, we’re going to talk about that story, but it’s not like we’re going to say, you guys all should vote for Biden because of it.” In regard to coverage of President Trump, “a lot of what he does is very clearly bad,” and “sometimes the truth has a very clear slant in one direction,” says Cirone, while agreeing with the undercover journalist that they don’t need to try to paint Trump in a bad light.

Ironically, however, as Cirone notes, George Stephanopoulos, based on his on-air comments, makes it “very clear” that he “f*cking hates [Trump].”

Cirone also tells the journalist that they will bring on guests who “can say all they want,” including, “This guy is a f*cking evil piece of sh*t.” Cirone continues, “But… It’s not appropriate for it to be coming from our reporters.”

He agrees that “in a lot of cases,” his job is to “pick certain guests to come onto the show that will specifically highlight how sh*tty Trump is.“.

Still, Cirone says that places like Fox News are the “propaganda machines.”

At one point, Cirone actually says, “We’re supposed to present the truth… The truth very overwhelmingly has a liberal bias.”

When asked how his statements would outrage Republicans, Christians, and Trump supporters, Cirone responded, “Absolutely, but they’re not based in reality for the most part anyway.” He continues, “Those kinds of people are not necessarily based in reality,” but instead, “ideological dogma, you know, bigotry, hatred, ignorance.”

“I find right-wing crazies so fascinating on like a scholarly level… Like, I’m just like baffled about how they move through life operating on those, you know, on that mindset.”

The same could be said for left-wing crazies who look at everything as bigoted, anti-trans, and racist.

While on one of James O’Keefe’s undercover cameras, Cirone even mentioned O’Keefe and the Project Veritas organization, which O’Keefe founded, and accused them of producing “misinformation” while calling O’Keefe “irrelevant.”

O’Keefe then called Cirone for comment on his statements, but he hung up!

Watch below via O’Keefe Media Group:

BREAKING: @GMA Producer Nick Cirone: “Sometimes the truth has a very clear slant in one direction.”

Cirone admits the show selects stories and uses contributors to align with their bias. He adds needing to “watch out for” James O’Keefe taking footage “out of context,” unaware he’s speaking to O’Keefe’s undercover journalist.

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