WATCH: Chris Christie Says He Wouldn’t Pardon Donald Trump: ‘Too Bad, Go to Jail’ | The Gateway Pundit


Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie appeared on The View on Wednesday and said he would not pardon former President Donald Trump if elected.

Luckily, Christie is only polling at about three percent.

During the interview, co-host Joy Behar noted that presidential candidates Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis said they would pardon Trump and asked him if he would do the same.

“No, no, no, no,” Christie replied before she had even finished asking the question.

The former New Jersey governor claimed that he did not support a pardon because Trump has not accepted “responsibility for anything he did.”

“As a governor, I issued pardons,” Christie said. “And one of the things you have to do is look at the person. The person has to accept responsibility for what they did. Do you think Donald Trump will ever accept responsibility for anything he did?”

Christie said that shooting down a pardon for the former president would be the “easiest pardon decision.”

“It’d be really the easiest pardon decision I would ever have to make as president,” Christie said. “You don’t accept responsibility? Too bad. Go to jail.”

Trump is currently facing four criminal indictments for a total of 91 charges.

Despite the lawfare being deployed against him, Trump is the frontrunner for the Republican nomination by a landslide.

Christie also told NewsNation’s Chris Cuomo that he would not pardon Trump in the mishandling of classified documents case during an interview in July.

“Let’s say with the documents case — which is the only one that the president would have jurisdiction over. Given what’s alleged in the indictment, if that were proven, and … the former president were found guilty, as long as I thought he got a fair trial … I would have a hard time considering any pardon.”

“And by the way, as you know, to get a pardon, you have to also accept responsibility for what you did,” the former governor continued. “I doubt very highly that Donald Trump would ever do that. And so I can’t imagine a pardon being issued.”

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