Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin Thinks Trump Can With the State in 2024: ‘Looks Like it’s in Play’ | The Gateway Pundit


Recent polls have suggested that Trump and Biden are currently tied in Virginia. This is big news because a Republican hasn’t carried Virginia in a presidential race since 2004.

Biden won the state in 2020 and Hillary Clinton carried it in 2016.

Could that change this year? Virginia’s Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin seems to think so.

FOX News reports:

Governor says Trump could become the first GOP presidential candidate to win his state in 20 years

It’s been two decades since a Republican carried Virginia in the race for the White House.

You have to go back to then-President George W. Bush, who won the Commonwealth in his 2004 re-election victory.

Democrats have carried the state in four straight presidential elections, including President Biden’s 10-point victory over Donald Trump four years ago as he won the White House.

But GOP Gov. Glenn Youngkin thinks the former president has a very good shot of ending the Republican losing streak in Virginia as Trump faces off this autumn with Biden in a 2024 election rematch.

“Let’s just begin by remembering where we were in 2020 when Joe Biden won Virginia by 10 points, and the fact that we’re having this discussion is a huge turn of events,” Youngkin said earlier this week in a Fox News Digital interview in New Orleans, as he attended a Republican Governors Association (RGA) conference.

Youngkin emphasized that “we’re here in June and there’s still a lot of water to go under the bridge, but Virginia looks like it’s in play and that’s pretty exciting.”

Even the FOX News poll, which always seems to lean left for some reason, has Trump tied with Biden in Virginia.

Virginia will be a state to watch on election night. If it gets called for Trump, that might be the whole game.

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