VIDEO: West Virginia Mom Grills School Board After Trans Male is Given Access to Girls’ Locker Room


Last Updated on December 21, 2023

A West Virginia mother Shanna Thompson grilled the Kanawha County School Board after a male student claiming to be a woman was given access to the girls’ locker room of a public Kanawha County high school, and actual girls who felt uncomfortable with the situation were told to go change in the boys’ locker room instead.

Watch Shanna Thompson’s Full Speech in the Video Below: 

The speech to the school board came after Mrs. Thompson’s daughter, Kanawha County student Nila Thompson, addressed the board herself, blasting the school district for its refusal to protect its female students from the trans agenda that’s infected public education all over the country, including in the reddest of states, such as West Virginia.

As National File previously reported:

Nila Thompson blew the whistle on the trans locker room madness at a Kanawha County School Board meeting in September of this year, after being subjected to a trans-identified male who stood in the female locker room watching a high school dance class full of girls change clothes.

“On August 21st, I walked into my dance class changing room, to see an almost adult man standing in the females’ locker room,” Thompson told the school board. “Not only would he go into the changing room and not even change, but he would stand there and watch as other biological females undressed.”

“I was told, along with the rest of the class, that if any female in any way felt uncomfortable with changing in the female locker room, they could go into the men’s because it was unoccupied during the period,” Thompson said, recounting the school district’s so-called solution.

“The solution you provided leaves me with the impression that you do not care for the safety, rights, or protection of young women in your schools.”

“Did it ever occur to you that by allowing a biological man to infiltrate women’s spaces, you are discriminating against me and every other woman in that space?” Thompson asked the board members, who sat silently.

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As video footage of the mother and daughter has spread online, as well as word that men proclaiming womanhood are being allowed in the girls’ locker rooms of Kanawha County Schools, support for ending the problem has grown. Local parents and students, as well as pro-family activists, are expected to turn out to the December 21st meeting of the school board.

Among others, America First congressional candidate and J6 Patriot Derrick Evans (WV-1) is expected to speak to the board.

Evans has been outspoken in his opposition to the trans agenda being forced onto American children and told National File in a previous report on the Kanawha County situation that “Here in West Virginia, we WILL DESTROY the tranny agenda.”

“We MUST NOT allow deviants and degenerates to destroy this Christian state,” Evans told National File.

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