Video: Kamala Harris Says US Will ‘Lose Democracy’ if President ‘Goes After Political Enemies’


Last Updated on January 26, 2024

Kamala Harris told Katie Couric that the United States will “lose this democracy” if voters elect a President who will “weaponize the Department of Justice” to “go after their political enemies,” just like her boss Joe Biden has.

A dramatic Kamala Harris told Katie Couric that on the “other side” of the Biden-Harris ticket in the 2024 election, “You’ve got someone (President Trump) who’s said if he were back in office he would weaponize the Department of Justice. Someone who has openly applauded insurrectionists as patriots. Someone who has said that they will go after their political enemies and applauds dictators, indicating that he would be one.”

“So, let’s be really clear about what’s at stake,” Harris said.

“We can’t lose this democracy. We can’t.”

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Obviously, the irony of Harris’s statements appears lost on her, as the Biden Regime and its allies in Democrat cities and states have weaponized the DOJ and state court systems against President Trump, in a desperate effort to toss him in jail ahead of the 2024 election, or have him booted from the ballot, or both.

While Harris claims that Trump being in office would lead to the DOJ being weaponized and to the death of “democracy,” Biden and his Democrat persecutors have been open about their desire to convict President Trump of any number of the phony charges against him before the 2024 Presidential Election – in a naked desire to meddle in the American so-called democracy that Harris is feigning concern for.

And while Harris bemoaned President Trump’s verbal support of J6 political prisoners, she was among the numerous Democrat lawmakers and political candidates who helped solicit donations to the bail fund that sprung murderous BLM and Antifa rioters from prison in 2020, so that they could continue burning down American cities and plunging the country into chaos ahead of that year’s Presidential Election.

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Watch Kamala Harris’s “Lose This Democracy” Warning Below: 

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