Video: J6 Footage Shows Armed Agitator Fired Two Shots, Sparking Chaos


Last Updated on February 8, 2024

Previously unseen video footage released by J6 Patriot and America First congressional candidate (R-WV-1) Derrick Evans shows an armed agitator on January 6th, 2021 climbing up scaffolding outside the U.S. Capitol and firing two shots into the air with what appears to be a revolver. The shots signaled a turning point as the demonstrations descended into chaos almost immediately after they were fired. Within one minute of the shots, police began using pepper spray against the demonstrators, and that escalated into the use of “blast munitions” and, ultimately, lethal force.

“What we’re looking at here is a video taken from the West Lawn of the Capitol Building,” Evans says in a video that he released, revealing the J6 gunshot to the world.

“You would think that you would’ve seen or heard about this footage…an unknown agitator, or infiltrator of some sort, who is firing off a pistol in the air in front of everyone.”

“The video is about 3 minutes in duration and was taken at almost exactly 2:30 in the afternoon on January 6th,” Evans went on, adding that the entire video is available at

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“At the outset of the video, you can see that the crowd is peaceful, there are no fights, and there is no damage to the property,” Evans explained, before, at around the 1:24 mark in the video, “a Hispanic male on the younger side decides to scale the scaffolding, turns around, brandishes a firearm, aims the firearm into the sky, and fires off two rounds.”

Immediately after firing off the shots, the agitator climbed off the scaffolding.

“He was up there, in my opinion, for a very specific purpose of firing off those two rounds. And, you want to know the really crazy thing about all this footage? Within one minute of these two rounds being fired off, that is when the pepper spray begins to be fired on the protestors in this location,” said Evans.

Watch the video footage and hear directly from J6 Patriot Derrick Evans below: 

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