Victoria Police dismisses ‘ongoing commentary’ after shocking video negates its claims

Victoria Police dismisses ‘ongoing commentary’ after shocking video negates its claims

Shocking video footage has contradicted initial statements from Victoria Police regarding the assault on a Jewish man, Mark, as he tried to attend a Melbourne council meeting.

The footage has ignited controversy, raising questions about the accuracy of police accounts and the handling of hate crimes in the community.

The Jewish man Mark, who insists he held no intention to provoke the crowd, arrived with a valid ticket and attempted to enter the meeting.

However, he encountered a group of Palestinian demonstrators blocking the entrance. Mark and his companions faced physical assault from the demonstrators.

Contrary to Victoria Police’s initial statement, which asserted that Mark and his companions lacked valid tickets and no assault was reported at the time, video footage clearly showed Mark advising officers of his ticket and the visible assault.

Rebel News raised questions about the discrepancies in the police statement, to which Victoria Police responded:

“We aren’t able to provide ongoing commentary on investigations however speaking broadly on background police need a formal statement to be made for matters fitting what you’ve described.”

The incident has sparked broader debate about the adequacy of police intervention in cases of antisemitism and calls into question the reliability of initial police statements in such incidents.

Mark’s ordeal underscores the rising trend of antisemitism as police continue to face scrutiny over the handling of such incidents.

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