Victims of ‘freedom state’ Idaho a case study of vicious corporate fascism –

Ammon Bundy, a voice for freedom in the western US, which has become dominated by the federal BLM bureaucracy which allegedly “manages” public land, but whose mission is to drive ranching families, private miners, loggers and others into extinction.


THE northwestern US state of Idaho has recently gained a reputation as a place for freedom-loving Americans to resettle in, and they have been moving there in droves since the “pandemic”. But in the past year, the true nature of this state’s establishment has reared its ugly head.

The actions of the Idaho state government and the state’s biggest employer St Lukes Hospital against gubernatorial (governorship) candidate Ammon Edward Bundy and his family, is a chilling lesson in the abuse of state-corporate power against an individual seen as a threat to a political-corporate establishment.

Ammon Bundy’s family are well known on the national stage for their actions against the US federal agency the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), which controls 61% of the land mass of Idaho and huge swathes of other states like Utah, Nevada and Oregon. The BLM bureaucrats have been in perpetual conflict with ranchers and other land users for decades.

US media, with few exceptions, has painted the Bundys as “far right extremists” over their dramatic stand-off with the BLM in 2014 over $1m in withheld grazing fees on publicly-owned federally-controlled land in Nevada. In 2016 ranchers and supporters occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon for 41 days after BLM prosecuted ranchers with “arson” for burning brush.

Ammon Bundy also led protests against the unconstitutional pandemic lockdowns from March 2020 and was arrested five times. St Luke’s, apart from its provision of gender mutilation surgery for children, sponsorship of the LGBT movement and pushing of dangerous mRNA gene therapy, also gained notoriety for pushing another highly dangerous medication called Remdesivir put out on the market as “the approved” Covid anti-viral treatment.

St Luke’s, like any big corporate player that “partners with government”, apparently felt they could financially cripple Ammon Bundy and his supporters who opposed them throughout the Fauci-Gates scamdemic.

The ranchers are a powerful symbol of the once free American west, where cattle, mining and forestry were once considered respectable business until the capture of US federal agencies by leftist bureaucrats and politicians who demonized these activities as “crimes against the environment”.

The BLM under the Obama administration epitomized the massive central government bureaucracy with endless regulatory powers enforced by an army of bureaucrats who constantly harass and badger the traditional land users, while claiming to be protecting the environment.

Ammon Bundy, who like many in Idaho, is a Mormon, ran for governor in 2022 as a third party independent, and gained a modest but significant 17% of the vote, if the official results can be trusted. The state is run by a career Republican Brad Little, who heads up what Bundy calls the state’s “old boy network”, who somehow see him as a threat to their political-corporate club.

This “club” is a microcosm of of the Washington Republicrats, like the Cheneys of Wyoming or the McCains of Arizona – the rich and “respectable” country club Republicans who know how to do a deal with the dear old Democrats and who, like all good freemasons, don’t mind latching on to a few “progressive” causes like diversity, equity and inclusivity, not to forget “sustainability”.

Ammon’s father Cliven Bundy led the famous Nevada stand-off, in which armed ranchers and their supporters forced the retreat of heavily armed BLM officers and a SWAT team that had rounded up 400 Bundy cattle ready for transport and forced sale over the disputed grazing fees. In a further blow to the Obama BLM, Nevada juries refused to convict the Bundys on various charges dug up by the BLM, despite the feds appealing several times.

Ammon Bundy was joined by his friend Diego Rodriguez during the scamdemic. “Diego and I, during 2020, became two of the most public figures in Idaho speaking out against the governor’s lockdown orders. Especially against the massive federal funds that were being distributed into Idaho institutions due to Governor Little keeping Idahoans under executive emergency powers for over two years,” Bundy wrote in a blog.

But now the Bundy family face bankruptcy after St Luke’s successfully sued them and Rodriguez for more than $50million for alleged defamation. This is the same St Luke’s that in March 2022 ordered Child Protective Services and police to seize Rodriguez’s 10-month-old baby grandson Cyrus who had earlier been brought to the hospital by his mother Marissa Andersen due cyclic vomiting caused by a digestive tract malfunction.

The baby could only be fed breast milk. A nurse subsequently declared the baby “severely malnourished” and accused the parents of failing to provide proper care after they took the child home. This prompted a combined raid by police and state CPS staff on the family vehicle. The baby was seized from his mother and taken back to the hospital which quickly arranged transfer to foster parents, despite his allegedly poor health. It looked like another CPS baby trafficking operation.

A peaceful protest by Bundy, Rodriguez and supporters of the baby’s parents from the People’s Rights group was organised. Hospital administrators took this as some sort of security threat, and declared a total shutdown of the facility, cancelling operations and other services. People’s Rights members also protested outside the homes of hospital and government staff and others involved in the case. The would be foster parents backed down when they saw and heard the protest.

Last year St Luke administrators hired the local big-shot law firm, Holland and Hart, the same firm that represents Governor Brad Little and the State of Idaho, to go after Bundy and Rodriguez for defamation, invasion of privacy and other complaints amounting to thousands of pages of court documents. Bundy simply refused to play their game but offered his property in order to be left alone, as described by Pete Santilli on InfoWars.

Rodriguez offered to apologize and pay compensation if the hospital could show what he said was untrue and defamatory. But of course, the “smother-the-opposition-by-lawfare” operation was underway and there was no place for facts or reason or negotiation.

In July a jury reached a verdict requiring Bundy to pay the plaintiffs $6.2 million in compensatory damages and $6.15 million in punitive damages and Rodriguez to pay $7 million in compensatory damages and $6.5 million in punitive damages. The remainder of the total $52.5 million in damages was assessed to the People’s Rights Network, Freedom Man Press and the Bundy campaign for governor.

In other words the state-supported hospital administration, backed by the state’s pet law firm, went out to get Bundy and Rodriguez, outspoken enemies of the Idaho political establishment, and send them bankrupt, based on the hospital’s ridiculous overreaction to a peaceful demonstration and statements made in public and online. But the greedy, vicious gang of lawyers and their corporate clients saw their opportunity and took it.

Rodriguez said baby Cyrus was not taken to the Meridian St Luke’s for care, he was forcefully taken from his parents and brought to the hospital to be immediately given to foster parents. “Yes, this is correct, waiting there patiently in Meridian St Luke Hospital were baby Cyrus’ new foster parents. Baby Cyrus was deemed “a healthy baby” by the medical staff who told the foster parents to leave promptly,” he said.

“However, because of the commotion that I and those with me were causing outside the hospital by peacefully demanding Cyrus be given back to his parents, the foster parents had lost their will to take the baby and therefore Cyrus was transferred to Boise St Luke’s Hospital instead.”

Because of this incident, Rodriguez and his family have once again suffered under the hands of Ada County Prosecutors for an additional year. The CPS case against baby Cyrus’ parents was dropped, the criminal case against baby Cyrus’ aunt was dismissed, the criminal case against baby Cyrus’ mother was dropped, but the case against Rodriguez continues to go on and if convicted, he faces heavy fines and up to a year in jail.

Bundy said he did not find it a coincidence that St Luke’s Hospital, the No.1 private beneficiary of the federal Covid funds coming through Governor Little and the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (IDHW), the No.1 public beneficiary of the Covid funds, were the two institutions that carried out the assault against him and some of his best friends.

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