US Now Saying They’re Just Going to Seize Russia’s $300 Billion


by Chris Black

Bretton Woods II was built on “inside money” (U.S. dollars) dominating “outside money” (hard money, gold, uranium, oil, etc.).

Seizing Russia’s FX reserve balances in February 2022 marked the beginning of the end of Bretton Woods II.

The internationally illegal precedent of Victoria Nuland and Samantha Power’s confiscation
of said FX reserves to Ukraine will be the end of the end of Bretton Woods II.


G7 leaders will discuss a new legal theory that would enable the seizure of $300 billion in frozen Russian assets when they meet in February, two sources familiar with the plans and a British official said on Thursday.

U.S. and UK officials have worked in recent months to jumpstart efforts to confiscate Russian assets immobilized in Belgium and other European cities, and hope Group of Seven leaders agree to issue a stronger statement when they meet in late February, around the second anniversary of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, the three sources said.

If we’re talking about invasions – how many countries has the US invaded since the end of World War II? What were the reasons?

Further, and perhaps most prominently: What about Israel?

They would need to alter the fundamentals underlying the entire international monetary system.

But they already did it once by “freezing” this $300 billion.

Every single financial expert is saying not to do this.

It is totally insane.

But these people running the US government are like homosexuals wanting to do the next transgressive thing.

This is the “double anal” of geopolitics.

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