US Factor VIII Blood transfusions, where used as an experiment on UK patients. Infecting them deliberately with HIV, Hepatitis C. – Sky News


The long-awaited report into the infected blood scandal will be released on Monday. Colin and Jan Smith, whose beloved son died aged just seven, hope it will lead to some accountability and help shed light on why so many innocent lives were lost.

Colin Smith carries a small suitcase into the dining room of their Newport home and lays it flat on the table in the centre of the room. He pops open both latches.

His wife Jan reaches inside and pulls out a sky blue child’s blanket. She holds it close to her face, closes her eyes and inhales deeply.

“It still smells of him,” she says, softly.

“This is the blanket he was wrapped in when he died.”

Their son, also called Colin, was just seven years old when he died in January 1990. His tiny body was ravaged by Hepatitis C and AIDS.

The suitcase, much like the one most families used to own in the 1980s, is just big enough to hold all the memories of their son’s short life.

Next to the blanket are his favourite toys including a snow globe and lots of his artwork.

What his parents didn’t know was that the Factor VIII was made in America using blood farmed from prisoners, drug addicts and sex workers.

Secret Trials

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