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Olaf Scholz is the most unpopular German Chancellor of the century.

He has with polls heavily favoring replacing him with Defense Minister Pistorius, and in the recent regional elections his liberal/Globalist coalition was xxxxx defeated by right-wing candidates.

But listening to Scholz talk, you would not imagine him to be the floundering leader whose political mandate is weaker by the day.

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In a very German way, the Chancellor continues to chastise other European leaders over what he perceives as their shortcomings.

One inescapable topic for him is Ukraine, of course.

We remember how, a few weeks ago, his government, ON THE SAME DAY, announced heavy cuts to the budget, and a big increase – in fact a doubling – of the funding of Kiev’s regime.

Scholz now complained that the majority of countries in the European Union were not delivering sufficient weapons to Ukraine

As the American military assistance to Ukraine faces an uncertain future, Scholz censured allies and insisted that they increase their efforts.

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He repeated his mantra that the German government would support Kiev for as long as necessary – not taking into consideration that his government itself may not last long.

Germany was initially criticized for not providing the expected leadership and military backing to Kiev but has since become one of the top providers of both weapons and financial aid.

Reuters reported:

“‘As significant as the German contribution is, it will not be enough to ensure Ukraine’s security in the long run’, Scholz said at a news conference in Berlin.

‘Therefore I call on allies in the European Union to strengthen their efforts regarding Ukraine. The planned weapons deliveries to Ukraine of most EU member states are not enough’, he added.”

He remains confident that the EU will deliver its proposed 50 billion-euro aid package for Ukraine, after the failure to agree in December due to opposition from Hungary.

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Meanwhile, his country is still ravaged by immigration.

Deutsche Welle reported:

“Altogether 352,000 people sought asylum in Germany in 2023, with some 329,000 putting in a first application — a rise here of 51%, or 111,000 people, compared with the previous year — the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) has said.

In response to the latest statistics, the opposition has accused the government of promoting illegal immigration with its policies.”

This number is much lower than the reality, since the more than a million Ukrainians in Germany are not included in these figures, because they do not have to apply for asylum.

“Most of the 2023 applications came from people from Syria (104,561), Turkey (62,624) and Afghanistan (53,282). A majority of the Syrians and Afghans, whose countries are stricken by conflict and human rights violations, received a positive decision, but only 13% of Turks were accepted.”

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