U.S. vetoed Gaza ceasefire on same day it profited from arms sale to Israel


Just hours after the United States issued a lone veto at the United Nations against a Gaza ceasefire resolution, the White House quietly announced the implementation of an “emergency” provision to expedite an arms sale to Israel.Said provision was issued stealthily at 11pm on Friday night when almost nobody was paying attention, this being a classic Biden regime move whenever its unpopular agenda items come into play.

Former State Department official Josh Paul is now sounding the alarm about what this series of events suggests concerning U.S.-Israel aggression against Gaza and what it truly entails.

“The combination of the United States’ veto of a ceasefire resolution in the UN, and this expedited provision of lethal arms to Israel, should cause some serious consideration of whether [Sec. Blinkin’s] repeated assertions that the U.S. seeks to minimize civilian casualties in Israel’s operation in Gaza are sincere,” Paul said.

(Related: Israel recently admitted that its plan all along for Gaza is “mass civilian casualties.”)

World to Israel: Stop committing war crimes

Before resigning back in October after the Hamas attack, Paul worked on similar arms sales himself. At the time of his resignation, Paul wrote a scathing letter slamming the Biden regime’s “moral compromise” and support for Israeli “apartheid.”

As these quiet weapons sales continue, increasingly more members of the public and Congress are taking notice. Some 13 Democrat senators announced this past week that they are currently in the process of drafting legislation to place limits on future weapons transfers so as to prevent “war crimes.”

The words “apartheid” and “genocide” are also increasingly being used by world leaders to describe what Israel is once again doing to the Palestinian people who live in the Gaza Strip, a relatively tiny area of coastal land that Israel wants for its Ben Gurion Canal project. There are also vast oil and natural gas reserves off the coast of Gaza that Israel wants for itself.

Russia recently entered the fray as well, warning that Israel’s plan to flood tunnels underneath Gaza with water will constitute a war crime. Others are similarly considering what to do to the Israeli officials involved once they are finally brought to justice.

Iran recently told the U.S. that Israeli violence in Gaza could potentially create an “explosion” in the Middle East as Israel’s neighbors come to the aid of the Gazans who are under attack by Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

As of this writing, about 17,400 Palestinians have been killed by the IDF in Israel’s ongoing military operations against the enclave. Most of these 17,400 people were civilians, not Hamas militants.

“This serves as concrete proof that the U.S. is complicit with the Zionazis (Zionists) in their genocide of the Palestinians,” one commenter wrote about the matter.

“Seems Congress can add war crimes to [Joe Biden’s] long list of impeachment opportunities,” wrote another.

“Isn’t it a war crime to deliberately aim weapons at civilians?” asked one of our own readers. “This is genocide of the Palestinians.”

“I think that the purpose of this genocide is to take the Gaza Strip. They want to take the Palestinian land. This genocide will enable a land grab. If the people living in a certain area are all killed, the land they lived on can be taken. I think that this is the goal of the Palestinian genocide.”

“Yes, bombing civilians (non-combatants) is a war crime that was started by Churchill in WW2,” responded another. “Before Jews invaded, all of Palestine was Palestinian land. And yes, this is a genocide that is ignored because Jews control the Western Media.”


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