The UK forcing the registering of all backyard Chickens


by ActualSherbert8050

As predicted for years and on the back of the Wood Stoves ban and burning your own ‘wet’ wood ban. Here it is. Any chicken or outdoor bird MUST be registered by October the 1st.

Failure to register will result in investigation and possible fines/jail.

There is no cost at the moment, however this will come. They will slowly increase the cost of keeping chickens so that people simply cant afford to keep them. They then become reliant on the system and become tied to the technocracy hell that the WEF are moulding for us.

F**K THIS LAW. Ignore it. Let them come!

EDIT: You know what I LOVE about this Govt release? Its when they said “Dont worry! Your budgerigars and house parrots wont have to be registered!’

Just like when they said ‘Dont worry! We aren’t banning ALL FIRES, just wood stoves! you can still have a fire in the garden or while you camp’

Our Government are kind and just. They are very thoughtful and we are thankful for all of their kind work.

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