The Largest Presidential Rally in NJ History


By Martin Armstrong


The largest presidential rally in the history of New Jersey occurred over the weekend on May 11. Donald A crowd of around 100,000 came together to listen to former President Donald Trump and show their support for his re-election campaign. Could New Jersey flip red once again?

New Jersey voted Democrat in Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign against Hillary Clinton. The state proceeded to vote blue in 2020 in favor of current President Joe Biden. But the state has been hit extremely hard by inflation and the cost of living. People in New Jersey pay some of the highest taxes among any state in the nation. Additionally, as a former resident, not everyone is on board with the woke agenda, changing classroom curriculum, banishing religion, or permitting illegal aliens to flood the nation. Chris Christie left a sour taste in the mouths of residents after scandal upon scandal, as he was a poor representation of conservative leadership. Trump’s business venture failures in Atlantic City also soured his own reputation with residents not so long ago.

New Jersey Pineland Map

But now, Joe Biden is not receiving support in New Jersey. “If Joe Biden wins this election, the middle class loses, and New Jersey loses,” Trump told the crowd. The last time New Jersey saw a crowd of this nature was in 1932 when former President Franklin D. Roosevelt came to Sea Girth, also attracting over 100,000 citizens. That was amid the Great Depression and before America’s involvement in World War II. The cost-of-living crisis was astronomical; the war drums were loudly beating – history is once again repeating (no, we will not face a Great Depression).

Democratic Gov Phil Murphy was livid at the support Trump received. “As Trump holds his rally today in NJ, he remains focused on himself, not the American people,” Murphy wrote. “Joe Biden continues to deliver results: investing in infrastructure, reducing prescription drug costs, and protecting reproductive freedom. The choice is clear.” Per usual, the politicians do not believe WE THE PEOPLE are intelligent enough to make our own decisions on leadership.

Biden has been unable to attract any enthusiasm during his measly campaign attempts. Joe Biden would need to pass out free green cards, host a Taylor Swift concert, and recreate a Super Bowl part II to attract a similar crowd. Also, note how there was no violence at this event composed of “MAGA extremists.” No one was waving foreign flags or calling for the death of America. No one was looting or vandalizing nearby neighborhoods. This rally was simply a group of residents who are not happy under Joe Biden’s reign and want a change. New Jersey very well may flip to red.

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