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Natalie (Miss Information, herself)

She’s So Right! is the perfect place to shop for a Valentine’s Day gift for your wife or girlfriend!

Start with the “Miss Information” hat or the “A Little Bit Conspiratorial” tote – and some Barbie-style America First stickers would be the perfect gift. What better way to show you love that special someone in your life than giving them a gift that reflects your shared love for America and allows them to share their values in style?

A Little Bit Conspiratorial Tote

She’s So Right! is an effortless yet edgy lifestyle brand for women. Fun and feminine clothes are the foundation of what they do. Still, their deeper purpose is to give free-thinking women a chance for self-expression through fashion-forward silhouettes and eye-catching accessories. In pink, of course! The designs are inspired by the early 2000s and manufactured right in the heart of sunny Los Angeles, California.

Miss Information Hat

Drawing inspiration from her love of pink and all things feminine, Natalie Winters created She’s So Right! to design clothing and accessories that juxtapose the fun and flirty with some serious free-thinking. A Santa Monica, California native, Natalie is also an accomplished investigative journalist, commentator, and co-host of Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast. Natalie (Miss Information herself) has devoted her career to defending the American way of life, so starting a business that American workers and cotton farmers power seemed So Right!

When asked what specifically inspired Natalie to make this clothing line, she didn’t hold back.

I got tired of being forced into buying products made in China. I wanted to be an empowered consumer but couldn’t find affordable USA-made alternatives to the trendy styles I was looking for. I wanted to give other women the chance to break free of the globalist model of outsourcing US manufacturing jobs – especially to existential threats like communist China. All of our products are proudly made in the USA, but I worked tirelessly to keep our price point on par with other non-USA-made brands. I was able to achieve this by keeping all aspects of the company in house; I designed the clothes, created the website, worked with the manufacturers and screen printers myself. I’m also honored to be partnered with companies dedicated to bringing manufacturing jobs back to the USA, putting to rest the mainstream media narrative that we need mass immigration because Americans don’t want to work in manufacturing. Fun fact, we use the same hat supplier as the Trump campaign! While a lot of the passion behind the brand comes from my love for fashion, She’s So Right stands for much more than just cute clothes. We’re giving women the chance for self-expression and to share their values while upending the ‘America Last’ manufacturing status quo. Our clothes and totes are manufactured in Los Angeles, and our hats are manufactured in New Jersey.

Additionally, when discussing her decision to launch in 2024, Winters told the Gateway Pundit,

2024 is an election year, so politics is on everyone’s mind! Since mainstream influencers, fashion brands, and culture will obviously favor left-wing candidates, I wanted to give conservative women the chance to express their viewpoints through fashion without having to sacrifice style. 2025 is also a critical year to groups like the Chinese Communist Party and World Economic Forum – both of which favor the outsourcing of US manufacturing jobs – so I thought I’d start it now to hopefully impede the rollout of agendas like ‘Made In China 2025’!

Unionwear, the leading manufacturer of USA-made hats, makes and embroiders the hats. The company employs 175 American workers at its 70,000-square-foot facility in New Jersey.

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