SHE DID IT! Scumbag Senator Bob Menendez Blames His Wife at ‘Gold Bars’ Corruption Trial | The Gateway Pundit


The Democratic Senator for New Jersey, Bob Menendez, attempted to shift blame onto his wife during opening statements at his ongoing corruption trial.

Menendez went on trial for corruption this week and is facing 18 criminal counts, including bribery, extortion, wire fraud, obstruction of justice, and acting as a foreign agent.

His lawyer, Avi Weitzman, told the jury that his wife Nadine had “kept him in the dark” about financial matters and that they led separate lives.

“Let me say this about Nadine: Nadine had financial concerns that she kept from Bob,” he said. “The government’s allegations that the senator sold his office and his loyalty to this country are outrageously false. Bob was doing his job, and he was doing it right.”

However, prosecutor Lara Pomerantz accused Menendez of putting “his power up for sale” and using his wife as a middleman in his trade of political influence for money, gold bars, and other valuables.

“For years he betrayed the people he was supposed to serve by taking bribes,” she said. “This was not politics as usual. This was politics for profit. This was a United States senator on the take.”

Investigators who executed a warrant at his home in September found over $480,000 in cash stuffed in items of clothing, as well as 13 gold bars worth over $100,000. Agents also uncovered other lavish gifts, including a Mercedes-Benz and various home furnishings.

Prosecutors argue that these discovered items were given in return for acting on behalf of the Egyptian government. They also allege that he accepted bribes from the Gulf state of Qatar.

Menendez is standing trial alongside Fred Daibes, a New Jersey real estate developer accused of delivering the gold and cash to the senator, and businessman Wael Hana, who is accused of facilitating a deal between Menendez and Egypt.

Both have also entered not guilty pleas.

The trial continues.

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