Sack that woman or face revolt Albo –

Julie Inman Grant, aka the eKaren, in the Senate where she admitted she had no ministerial approval to join a World Economic Forum working group.

THE Labor Party is now not only furiously defending their now infamous eKaren bureaucrat Julie Inman Grant, but considering giving this power-hungry Senior Executive Service bureaucrat even more power to shut down political speech on the internet.

Inman Grant has been running a campaign of harrassment against Elon Musk’s X platform and especially content posted by Australians who dare criticise the LGBTQ mafia. Many Australians would agree that it’s time for this treacherous World Economic Forum implant to be sacked.

Inman Grant is part of a WEF working group scheming to ban anti-globalist free expression on the internet through a “Global Online Safety Regulator” and given Inman Grant’s recent activity it is now abundantly clear that her main targets are people whose political views offend the global elites and their warped cultural Marxist ideology such as so-called LGBTQ gender identity ideology.

But this upstart is not even properly fulfilling her role to police and prosecute online abuse of women or porn targeted at young people while running her campaign of censorship against Musk. It appears that her anti-X campaign is either or both on behalf of her fascist comrades at the WEF or the CIA-infested content controllers who Musk sacked when he took over the former Twitter.

Interestingly, Inman Grant worked in a high-powered corporate role at Twitter for two years until 2014-15, managing Twitter’s “public policy” for the Asia-Pacific region. This “public policy” included censoring thousands of accounts from Australian users of Twitter deemed not kosher.

Equally outrageous, this Australian bureaucrat is presuming to have the power to tell Elon Musk how to manage his platform and has issued notices demanding he be accountable to the eSafety Commission for the numbers and types of management staff that Musk employs at X. Musk quite rightly ignored the presumptuous abuse of Australian legislation.

Rukshan Fernando, a pro-freedom videographer, posted on X saying Australians have raised concerns about the inherent conflict of interest in Inman Grant’s work as the eSafety Commissioner, and “her obsession with controlling policy within the American tech company Twitter”.

After her Twitter role, Inman Grant was appointed by a Coalition government, so Opposition Leader Peter Dutton needs to grow a pair and disown this tyrannical monster who has been set loose not only on Australian but global free speech.

The Coalition under Scott Morrison appointed Inman Grant first in 2015 as the Children’s eSafety Commissioner, ostensibly to protect children from online abuse and the like. Then in 2017, Scomo & Co. expanded eSafety’s remit to pursue “online safety” for all Australians.

But at least one Liberal, Catherine Deves Morgan, a lawyer who contested the seat of North Sydney in 2022, recently made a revealing statement to Rita Panahi of Sky News and called for the role of Inman Grant to be abolished.

“We do not need an eSafety Commissioner and in looking at her mandate, which is supposed to be about bullying and online digital abuse, she has gone way beyond her ambit in seeking to censor Australians, to censor things that the powers that be don’t like, and indeed that she appears to not like – I think this is complete totalitarianism,” Deves Morgan said.

“And I’ve spoken to multiple women who’ve put in complaints to the eSafety commissioner about receiving the most horrific abuse in the online space seeking her assistance; they’ve either had no response or a very poor response or they’ve been told the eSafety commissioner can do nothing, so I really query why she is there. I query who she is answerable to and I query exactly what her end-game is.”

Deves Morgan, recently posting on Twitter, noted that Australian taxpayers fund $3,262,539 in salaries for the top eight eSafety Office bureaucrats to be policed for what they say on X. “$3M+ to erode our implied right to political communication,” said Deves. “We are a Ministry of Truth test case Elon Musk.”

Her post attracted a lot of outraged comment about these femocrats, their outrageously fat salaries, the authoritarian power they wield, their lack of productive use to the country and the fact that only one of them was male, who was also the lowest-paid among them at $344,000.

We strongly suspect Inman Grant, who was tapped on the shoulder by the CIA when she left university, but allegedly turned them down because she didn’t want a job she couldn’t tell her family and friends about, still has CIA links. But what our eKaren most certainly does have is a working role with the World Economic Forum, as she admitted to Senator Malcolm Roberts in a Senate Environment and Communication Legislation Committee hearing this year.

Senator Roberts asked her who in the government of Australia gave her permission to be on the body of a foreign entity while allegedly serving in the role of an “independent statutory authority”. “At the World Economic Forum planning session in Davos you said, quote: ‘We have started something called the Global Online Safety Regulator’. Who is ‘we’ and did you receive ministerial permission to involve Australia in another globalist power sinkhole?”

Inman Grant chuckled at the question, barely hiding the arrogance and contempt one might expect from a Senior Executive Service bureaucrat towards a mere senator, and especially one from a right wing minor party, as she would see it.

“I’m an independent statutory authority… um the internet is global… most of our, um, regulatory targets are based overseas and for more than seven years we were the only online safety regulator in the world,” the commissar explained, while avoiding the question about ministerial permission.

And then she signalled her actual plan. “Now we use the tools we have and we can be effective but we know we’re going to be going much further when we work together with other like-minded independent statutory authorities around the globe.

“So with the UK, with Ireland and with Fiji in November 2022 we launched the Global Online Safety Regulators Network that has now grown to seven independent regulators including France, Korea and South Africa and a number of countries are serving as observers and that’s so we can achieve a degree of regulatory coherence for the technology industry and make sure that we’re working together to achieve better safety outcomes for all of our citizens.”

Senator Roberts asked again, “Did you get ministerial approval for that?”, to which the slippery, silver- tongued bureaucrat slyly replied: “I don’t think it was required, but certainly the Minister was aware.” In other words, this upstart commissioner went ahead and did what her bosses at the WEF wanted her to do and what the Minister (who is supposed to have authority over her) said about it, was basically irrelevant.

But the Albanese government, if it wants to avoid being tarnished as the totalitarian lackeys of the World Economic Forum, could use it’s current review of the online so-called esafety laws, should sack or severely restrict what this out-of-control bureaucrat Inman Grant is doing.

The review is examining “whether existing penalties and enforcement powers are fit for purpose; whether laws and regulations that deal with online content and harms are accessible and easy to understand; and international developments in online safety regulation, including whether the law should be amended to impose a new duty of care on digital platforms towards their users.”

But should Albo and Inman Grant’s sock-puppet-Minister Michelle Rowland go ahead and give the WEF implant even more power to go after Aussies’ political beliefs and comments – they can be assured Cairns News will help make a pariah out of the Labor Party, including at state levels with ever increasing numbers of people waking up to the totalitarian globalism Labor is now clearly supporting.

This Senior Executive Service class are an existential and growing threat to a free Australia, and in fact to the other Five Eyes nations where they exist as some sort of technocratic elite, of the ilk who gather at World Economic Forum events to take instructions from Schwab, Fink, Gates and others of the crony capitalist inner circle.

Up until about five years ago, the operations of the SES were the particular target of 911 investigator US fighter jet pilot and later NorthWest Airlines captain Field McConnell, whose sister and only sibling was Kristine Marcy, a key player within the US Senior Executive Service.

McConnell, who was railroaded into jail by corrupt prosecutors in Pierce County, Wisconsin, about five years ago, accused his sister of a horrendous series of crimes against the US and individuals.

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