Russia’s ruling party backs Putin’s presidential bid — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

Russia’s ruling party backs Putin’s presidential bid — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

United Russia has approved the incumbent leader’s run as an independent candidate

The convention of the ruling United Russia party has unanimously approved President Vladimir Putin’s bid to seek reelection next year as an independent candidate. If the incumbent leader wins the vote, it will be his fifth term in office.

The motion was put to a vote by former president and United Russia chair Dmitry Medvedev during the party’s congress, held at the All-Russian Exhibition Center in Moscow on Sunday. When asked who supported Putin’s candidacy, the entire audience raised their hands, with no nays or abstentions.

During his speech, Medvedev also stated that “there is not a vestige doubt who should be at the helm of the Russian state in this turbulent period,” suggesting that Putin enjoys overwhelming public support. When election day comes, he continued, United Russia “would do its best to help incumbent President Vladimir Putin secure a landslide victory once again.”

Speaking at the same convention, Putin thanked United Russia for its consistent support, noting that the country still has to solve “historic tasks,” including protecting the nation’s independence and place in the global arena. 

Russia, unlike other countries, cannot abandon its sovereignty in exchange for sausage and become someone’s satellite. Russia… will be a sovereign power, or it won’t be at all.

The announcement came after an action group, which included a number of high-profile opinion leaders, officials, actors, and athletes, also unanimously voted to nominate Putin for the presidency on Saturday.

Putin announced his reelection plans earlier this month at a ceremony where he awarded Hero of Russia medals to servicemen who had taken part in the military operation against Ukraine. 

In his political career of more than 20 years, Putin has run for president four times, mostly as an independent. The only exception was in 2012, when he was nominated by the United Russia party.

The presidential election is scheduled for next March, with the winner to be inaugurated in May. As for Putin’s rivals, several Russian parties, including the Communist Party, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDPR), and New People, said they would put forward candidates.

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