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Pranksters got musician Andrey Makarevich to admit he was “counting the days” until Kiev’s victory against his homeland

A call with the notorious Russian prankster duo Vovan and Lexus has landed Andrey Makarevich, a Russian rock band leader popular in the Soviet era and more recently, in hot water. The performer, who was tricked into believing he was talking to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, openly declared his support for Kiev and wished its troops a speedy victory against his own country.

Following Monday’s prank call, Russian State Duma MP Sultan Khamzaev filed a complaint with the Investigative Committee over the singer-guitarist’s statements. The lawmaker branded the rock star a “traitor… who is ready to finance our enemies.” “[Makarevich] wants our nation to collapse. It means he should be recognized as an extremist and a terrorist,” Khamzaev told RIA Novosti.

Vovan and Lexus asked Makarevich, who is now 70, if he could support the Ukrainian military. The musician dodged a direct answer by only replying: “Maybe.” He then admitted that he had already provided “fairly significant” aid to Ukraine, but didn’t elaborate on this.

The rock star also openly stated that he wished victory for Kiev and was “counting the days” until this could be achieved. He then told fake ‘Zelensky’ that Ukraine should “endure and prevail,” and offered to stage a “wild concert” there to celebrate Kiev’s presumed eventual victory.

When asked about his relations with Russia, the musician, who left for Israel with his family just days after the start of the Russian military campaign in February 2022, replied he had “no wish to return.”

“I’m not planning to go back and I’m surely not planning to sing for [the Russian people],” he said, adding that he “feels at home” in Israel now.

In 1969, Makarevich founded popular Soviet rock band Mashina Vremeni, starting to perform solo in the 1980s while still also fronting the band. He was awarded the title of the ‘People’s Artist of Russia’ – a prestigious symbol of recognition for actors and musicians – back in 1999.

Initially supportive of the Russian government, Makarevich was a member of the presidential Art and Culture Council. His stance changed in 2014, when he criticized Moscow’s support for the people of Donbass after the Maidan Coup in Kiev.

Despite this, he continued to work with Russian authorities and became a member of the State Duma’s Public Council on Culture in 2019. In 2022, he condemned Russia’s special operation against Kiev and left the country. In September 2022, the Russian Justice Ministry declared Makarevich a foreign agent.

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