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A tractor hoisted by a crane next to Europe’s busiest highway sends the message that farming is hanging by a thread.


THE Dutch farmers were the first cab off the rank a year or so ago and now it’s the Germans, who were flooding the highways of Europe on January 8th to protest the German government’s decision to eliminate diesel tax breaks in line with anti fossil fuel hysteria pushed by environmentalists worldwide.

Australian farmer organisations have often been silent on the European farmer protests, partly because they believe there are too many EU farming subsidies, but also because the National Farmers Federation and its state counterparts have stupidly jumped on the net zero and sustainability bandwagons.

For years the NFF and the state farmer organisations have been virtue signalling about what good “sustainability practitioners” they are, not realising that the “sustainability” platform is the very same one with gallows to hang them.

But this is changing under the Albanese Labor government, which has woken up the NFF sufficiently to oppose legislation like Water Amendment (Restoring Our Rivers) Bill, which further restricts water availability in the Murray Darling Basin by raising the cap on water buybacks to further increase so-called “environmental flows”.

NFF president David Jochinke is also calling for and end to the campaign to stop the live sheep exports to the Middle East; changes to Australia’s competition laws to secure a fair deal for consumers and farmers; a dedicated visa pathway for agricultural workers; a mandatory code of conduct for power transmission projects; and “balanced reform” of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC Act) to maintain productive land use.

But the last point should not even have NFF conditional support because green bureaucracy is ultimately part of the WEF-UN dystopian plan to destroy traditional farming and replace it with factories producing synthetic and insect protein rations for populations confined to “smart cities”.

But in Europe farmers and truckers they have woken up en masse. Speaking at the massive January 8 protest German farmer Anthony Lee said farmers, truckers and normal workers were “sick of politicians who have no idea what they are talking about, who have no education, who tell us how our lifestyle should look like”.

Standing on a Europe’s busiest road, he told Dutch protest leader Eva Vlaardingerbroek that the protest was the result of farmers trying for four years to get in contact with politicians and talking to them on an equal level. “But they won’t listen and now we have no other choice than to demonstrate.”

He went on to explain that Dutch, Hungarian and Polish farmers were supporting them “and we are all united in getting rid of politicians who are trying to get rid of us.”

Vlaardingerbroek said the German farmers had successfully blocked dozens of highways with the help of the German truckers. Posting a video on X she said: “This is my view up on a tractor on the A2 – Europe’s busiest highway. I’m blown away. History in the making.”

“The German farmers are subject to, just like the Dutch farmers and a lot of farmers around the western world, to all sorts of regulations and new restrictions all the time, and quite frankly, they feel unheard, unwanted, they fell like they’re being harassed off their land basically, and they are sick and tired of feeling they have not right to exist,” she told Tucker Carlson.

Vlaardingerbroek said the establishment in Germany seemed to hate everything that the farmers, the workers, the blue collar workers and ordinary citizens stood for and that was the reason for the protest.

Politicians and bureaucrats in Europe are spouting the same climate change claptrap as the reason for reducing farm numbers. The real reason is to reduce the food supply and by extension control of people in line with Klaus Schwab’s great reset/UN Agenda 2030 population control agenda.

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