‘Release the J6 Hostages’: Trump Calls on Biden to Free January 6th Protesters During Iowa Speech (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit


Former President Donald Trump called for Joe Biden to “release the J6 hostages” during his speech in Iowa on the third anniversary of the protest.

All major Republican presidential candidates are in Iowa, holding campaign events ahead of the caucuses.

“Release the J6 hostages, Joe,” Trump said, drawing huge applause from the crowd. “Release them, Joe.”

“You have the J6 hostages. Nobody’s been treated ever, in history, so badly as those people,” he said.

Over 1,200 people have been charged with federal crimes for being at the Capitol that day. Many were simply wandering around.

Trump also urged his Iowa supporters to help secure the vote.

“We can’t let it happen again,” he said. “We have to finish the job. It’s our last chance to save America, and the battle begins in Iowa.”

Trump referred to the election as the “final battle” and promised to “fight like hell.”

“I actually say don’t worry about the vote … worry about securing the votes,” he said.

Trump’s referring to the imprisoned protesters as “hostages” caused a liberal media meltdown — as expected.

MSNBC’s Brian Stelter immediately took to the airwaves to whine that it was an “aberration.”

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