Quebec expands gender options for health cards and driver’s licenses

Quebec expands gender options for health cards and driver’s licenses

Quebec has approved the inclusion of gender markers reflecting the identities of transgender and non-binary individuals on provincial driver’s licenses and health insurance cards. Residents who don’t strictly identify as male or female will have the option to choose an ‘X’ gender marker on their health cards and driver’s licenses.

According to CBC, “The François Legault government had vowed not to make any decisions regarding the X marker until its new gender identity committee submitted its final report in winter 2025.”

Both Quebec’s automobile insurance board and its public health insurance board have been notified of the government’s decision to introduce a third gender option on government ID cards.

The RAMQ, Quebec’s health insurance board, has confirmed its awareness of the decision and will promptly implement the change, as reported by The National Post.

Both the RAMQ and the automobile insurance board, also referred to as SAAQ, have verified that individuals seeking a non-binary marker on their cards will be contacted shortly to discuss the next steps.

Although Quebec already allows a non-binary gender marker on birth and death certificates, this option hasn’t been available on health cards or driver’s licenses until now.

“Until now, Quebec was the only Canadian province not to allow the X marker on driver’s licences. As for the health insurance card, Quebec and Alberta were the only two provinces not to authorize the marker. Ontario has simply not included gender on health cards since 2016,” stated CBC.

The Canadian government has also allowed the ‘X’ marker on passports for years

Quebec Family Minister Suzanne Roy explained in a written statement that the decision was based on the recommendation of committee experts. “In light of the consensus reached… the Quebec government agrees that the X marker can now be added to health insurance cards and driver’s licenses,” Roy wrote.

Last year, Quebec’s minister for the status of women announced that an interdepartmental committee was studying the issue, without specifying when the ‘X’ option might be available, stated the Post.

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