President Trump Shreds Joe Biden as ‘Fool That’s Destroying Our Country’ in Newton, Iowa Speech (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit


President Trump spoke in Newton, Iowa ahead of the January 15th Republican Presidential Iowa Caucuses.

Trump is spending the day in Iowa and will participate in two “Commit to Caucus” campaign events – one in Newton and the other in Clinton.

“Violent criminals are running wild in our Democrat-run cities while law enforcement has been weaponized against Christians and conservatives and people of faith like never before.” Trump said.

“This guy goes around and says I’m a threat to democracy. No, he’s a threat because he is incompetent.” Trump continued about Biden.


President Trump called out crooked Joe Biden for destroying our country.

“We got to beat this guy, this fool, this fool that’s destroying our country. Donald Trump is a dictator can you imagine? Donald Trump is a dictator. I’m a dictator, all I want to do is have a great country.” Trump said.


President Trump mocked feeble Joe Biden.

About Biden: “Define democracy Joe. That’s not a fair question. No, the guy can’t find steps to a platform.” “His speeches last about three minutes you know why, because he runs out of fuel.” Trump said.


While crooked Joe Biden is attacking Trump supporters as white supremacists and insurrectionists, President Trump is working hard on the campaign trail to recapture the White House.

Trump 2024.

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