PM rejects calls for drug and alcohol testing of Federal MPs


Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has dismissed a proposal for random alcohol and drug testing of MPs, senators, and staff in the Federal Parliament, despite recent calls for increased accountability following an alcohol-related incident involving a sitting MP.

Independent MP Zali Steggall raised the issue during question time, advocating for measures to ensure a safe and respectful working environment in Parliament, similar to protocols in “numerous workplaces in Australia.”

Albanese opposed the idea during Parliament session, asserting his belief in individual responsibility. He stated that implementing random testing is not a measure he can support, citing the need for politicians to act maturely without such enforcement measures.

The debate comes in the aftermath of a highly publicized incident involving former deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce, who was filmed in an intoxicated state in Canberra.

Keith Pitt, a Nationals colleague of Joyce, defended him, characterising the scrutiny as undue and underscoring the imperfect nature of individuals in the political sphere.

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