“Nobody Asked You” — Ron DeSantis Gets Roasted After Saying He Has “Categorically Ruled Out” Being Donald Trump’s Vice President | The Gateway Pundit

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Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis made headlines on the last day of 2023 after stating he had “categorically ruled out” the possibility of serving as Donald Trump’s vice president.

DeSantis shared his stance during an interview on ‘Your World with Neil Cavuto’ shortly after concluding a town hall event in Edgewood, Iowa.

In the interview, DeSantis further elaborated on his previous actions against corporations like Disney for their “woke” policies, expressing his commitment to protecting children’s innocence and parental rights.

He boasted about the economic success of Florida under his governance, ranking first for new business formation and having paid down a significant portion of the state’s debt.

The interview took a turn when DeSantis outspokenly dismissed any notion of running as vice president with Trump. “I’ve categorically ruled out being VP,” DeSantis stated, suggesting Haley should be transparent about her intentions with regard to the same position.

“I know Nikki Haley will not rule out being vice president because she spends a lot of money attacking me. So, is she trying to defeat former President Trump, or is she trying to be his vice president? She will not rule that out. You know, she’s gotten a lot of support from these never-Trumpers. They’re viewing her as like the darling of never-Trump, yet she’s positioning herself to potentially be in the running for that. I’ve categorically ruled out being VP. I think she should do that. So her supporters know where she stands,” DeSantis said.


The remarks swiftly ignited a firestorm of commentary on social media, with users lambasting DeSantis. Popular Twitter personality Catturd succinctly remarked, “Nobody asked you.”

Others joined in with quips about DeSantis’s perceived delusion about his standing with Trump and the GOP base, implying that his declaration was more a foregone conclusion than a bold political stance.

One Twitter user mocked, “Poor lil Rob still has no idea that his place at the adult table is gone forever. He will forever reside at the kids table now,” while another quipped, “Easy to say that when he knows that Trump is never going to ask him!”

Another wrote, “Ron DeSantis is the last person on planet earth Trump would choose as his VP.”

Some even theorized about DeSantis’s acknowledgment of Trump as the likely GOP nominee, saying, “At least he’s recognizing Trump is going to be the GOP nominee. He’s in the anger stage of grief.”

Another said, “So now he’s just lost 2 jobs. President and Vice President.”

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