NCLA Challenges FCC’s Diversity Rules in Fifth Circuit Showdown


Peggy Little of the New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA) presents arguments before the Fifth Circuit challenging the FCC’s diversity rules. NCLA’s client, the National Center for Public Policy Research, contests the SEC’s authority to regulate in this area, arguing that the rules exceed the SEC’s mandate under the 1934 Securities and Exchange Act. Additionally, the Second Circuit upholds a decision dismissing an antitrust suit in an NCLA amicus win, while the FTC faces a loss in the same case.

  • NCLA’s Peggy Little argues against FCC’s diversity rules in the Fifth Circuit.
  • The National Center for Public Policy Research challenges SEC’s authority to regulate diversity rules.
  • Second Circuit upholds dismissal of antitrust suit in NCLA amicus win, while FTC faces a loss in the same case.


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