National service could work if there is a purge of transgenders from HQ –


Coming for a workout in the gym? Don’t forget my nail polish

We should be asking ourselves and Labor if we could consider reintroducing a form of national service to increase a pool of trained reserves while we still have time. Or should we wait to be dragged into a major conflict, and deal with the consequences?”

Successive Australian governments have recognised the inadequate size of the Australian Defence Force, with former Prime Minister Scott Morrison pledging a 30 per cent increase to a target of 80,000 personnel by 2040 — a policy supported by Labor.

Last year, top-secret war-gaming exercises were conducted for federal Labor’s defence review. “As the risk of Australia being drawn into a major war increase, we are facing a short window of opportunity to address some of the shortfalls in our defence capability.”

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott last year floated the idea mandatory military service for school leavers.

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Editor: From our observations over many years and from our reporting of the real Ukranian war situation then dealing with Russian correspondents, there is no chance Russia would ever send troops to invade Australia or the Pacific region for that matter even though LibLab has exposed us to retaliation by Russia. Essentially Australia is logistically too far from Russia.

They have their hands full dealing with warmongering of the US and NATO, controlled by the US military industrial elite.

As previously reported LibLab has handed Ukraine President Zelensky hundreds of millions(at the insistence of the US) in alleged war assistance but only to find he has added a few more mansions across the world to his extensive real estate portfolio.

Thirty Australian Bushmaster armoured vehicles (above) gifted to Zelensky and his Nazi Azov troops were nearly all obliterated in the first few weeks of service. Many were blown up by an air strike before they were unloaded from a train. Albanese has since passed a policy outlawing the Nazi salute. Is he going to send a few cans of Dulux for Zelensky to paint over the Swastikas emblazoned on the Bushmasters?

The Biden-bot would not have any idea about wars but Deep State which is driving US policy certainly does which is why NATO is keeping a thoroughly defeated Ukraine as target practice for a far superior Russian military. The US arms manufacturers just keep sending more rockets, guns and ammo as long as Biden-bot keeps writing the checks.

As we have previously reported most of Ukraine’s military is six foot under primarily leaving US forces (NATO) to defend the crippled country.

The yanks, like Australia have had their military infiltrated with woke activists in senior positions who often are transgenders or gays who perm their hair and paint their fingernails before turning up for parade, let alone having any chance of taking up arms against an invader.

The deadly mRNA Covid jabs have decimated the American army, navy and airforce with a covert agenda no different to Australia. This of course did not happen by accident.

Or did the overt attack on Australian special services by the Labor Green alliance in concert with a lying and obfuscating media designed to demoralise and demonise servicemen.

Young people of enlisting age no longer see the military as a rewarding career, or an ‘adventure’ as the glossy enlistment advertisements claim and have rejected the services as a ‘no go’ zone.

National service should be considered for those aged between 17 and 25 but women should not be put on the front line of any stoush by the hairy armpit brigade in Canberra HQ.

Aborigines should be given every encouragement to join up. Meanwhile no enlistment campaigns should occur until the upper ranks are purged of the transgender mob. In the army man is a man and woman is woman and there is nothing in between.

The only impediment to having a gendered military is how to cut out the effeminate deadwood.

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