National poll reveals just 21 per cent of Australians believe the environment and climate change are important, 96 per cent reject indigenous affairs –


PM Albanese’s Airbus is about to run out of fuel and it will be grounded by Labor Caucus and the unions after a disastrous opinion poll published at the weekend clearly indicates Albo and the ALP are very much on the nose.

The Labor-left jetsetter has alienated 51 per cent of the Australian population who say the country is headed in the wrong direction, 31 per cent said it was going the right way with 18 per cent unsure(and they vote).

Is Liberal Opposition Leader Peter Dutton smart enough to take down Albo and the ALP?

The cost of living featured strongly with 71 per cent saying the high cost and standard of living is terrible. Housing and accommodation were the next issue at 41 per cent leaving the environment and climate change at a meagre 21 per cent of respondents who thought it important.

A majority of 51 per cent believe the Albanese-Labor renewables target will lead to increased power bills, 16 per cent think the bills will decrease and 32 per cent say they won’t change.

Will the Teals and Greens take heed?

Labor’s key policy promoting indigenous affairs (UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People) was rejected by a stunning 96 per cent of respondents.

Yet the states have defied the people by legislating their own version of the Voice which was tossed out by 60 per cent of the population at the recent referendum.

Holding a referendum to become a republic was opposed by 55 per cent, but after detailed analysis of the result for this question, 52 per cent would agree to Australia becoming a republic in the future.

Labor should be very worried about these results and this poll has sounded the death knell for the UN, WEF, climate change, de-industrialisation imbroglio of Net Zero.

Are Opposition parties smart enough to bury Labor with these results?

The poll of 1007 over 18 year old respondents was conducted by Freshwater Strategy, a think tank organization which deals with the corporate sector by shaping opinion, managing risk and identifying opportunities in shifting environments.

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