Media Runs Cover for Trans School Shooter


Last Updated on January 8, 2024

The corporate media is running cover for transgenderism after trans mass shooter Dylan Butler left a 6th grader dead and seven other people injured in Perry, Iowa, going as far as to plant an improvised explosive device in his school that was ultimately secured by law enforcement before it could do any damage. After his rampage, Butler committed suicide.

Dylan Butler’s self-proclaimed trans and gender-fluid status has been ignored by much of the corporate media, with NBC even running a hit piece on Elon Musk, Donald Trump Jr., and others, just a day after the shooting, who dared comment on Dylan Butler’s LGBT status.

Dylan Butler NBC
NBC News is attacking people as ‘far-right’ for mentioning that Dylan Butler was trans.

In another NBC News article, Butler’s gender ideology, and the fact that he peddled LGBTism online, are completely ignored, even though the article explicitly mentioned the social media accounts from which Butler was identifying himself as transgender, and publicly plotting an attack on his Perry, Iowa High School.

The article did however directly quote another post from Butler, which came as he lay in wait in his school’s bathroom on the morning of the shooting and used a racial slur to describe another student.

Dylan Butler Iowa NBC
NBC News won’t report on Dylan Butler’s very public LGBT identity but made sure to document his use of the N-word.

Alongside NBC, an army of corporate outlets that includes Newsweek have run cover for Butler and transgenderism, with Newsweek perhaps being one of the most egregious examples.

A Newsweek article published the morning after the January 4th shooting says that “no solid evidence” shows that Butler was transgender. However, numerous pieces of evidence, like the archived and screenshot versions of his scrubbed TikTok account and other web postings, were available then.

In the days since, despite even more evidence about his LGBTism coming to light, Newsweek has not updated the article to reflect that Butler did, indeed, identify as transgender.

Newsweek Dylan Butler Trans
Newsweek claims that “no solid evidence” exists to show that Dylan Butler was trans, despite his public proclamations.

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And it isn’t just the corporate news media that’s working to obscure Dylan Butler’s self-proclaimed status as an LGBT’er.

As National File reported (and briefly mentioned above), the CCP-backed social media platform TikTok scrubbed an account belonging to Butler mere hours after the mass shooting took place.

Social media accounts belonging to suspected Perry, Iowa mass shooter Dylan Butler, whose rampage wounded a thus far unknown number of his peers before Butler was neutralized by police, show that the Iowa teenager identified as transgender, but was hesitant to receive a so-called “gender-affirming surgery” for fear that it would make him “look ugly.”

In the biographical section of his now-removed TikTok account, which vanished from the platform just hours after the shooting at Butler’s Iowa high school, is a rainbow gay pride flag.

In one of his TikTok videos, he calls on views to “[love] your trans kids.”

View screen grabs from Butler’s TikTok and Reddit accounts and posts HERE

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