Mayor of Toronto will be increasing property taxes by 10.5% this year.


Olivia Chow, the communist mayor says that to close the $2B annual budget shortfall of Tronna, they must jack up taxes.

Forget cutting spending, just continue to tax the hell out of everyone!!!!

Well, that’s communism for you.

via CBC.CA:

With the recommendation of an additional 1.5 per cent increase to the city building tax, property owners could see their tax bill jump 10.5 per cent this year if the figures go unchanged during five weeks of scheduled budget debates and consultations. The city building tax is a special levy introduced in 2016 that goes toward major transit and housing projects.

In her remarks, Carroll also cautioned that if the federal government does not come forward with $250 million in funding for refugee claimants in Toronto’s shelter system, the city will “have no choice” but to impose a six per cent “Federal Impacts Levy,” raising the total residential tax increase to 16.5 per cent.


Pro-Beijing groups claim credit for helping Olivia Chow win Toronto mayoralty. She says she was unaware

Two prominent community groups aligned with the Chinese government supplied numerous volunteers to the effort, a letter from one of the groups claims



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