Lowry anticipates left’s intense reaction if Trump wins again, citing potential unrest and resistance fears.


by Ed Driscoll

RICH LOWRY: Brace yourselves: The left will roil the country if Trump wins again.

And if Trump emerges victorious and the alleged dictatorship is underway in earnest?

Certainly, the reaction will make the pro-Hamas protests that have roiled college campuses and disrupted transportation nodes around the country look small-scale by comparison.

If the republic is supposedly on the verge of falling, extralegal means of resistance are justified.

At least some portion of the left will convince itself that only a color revolution can save the country.

During the 2016 Trump-Clinton contest, one school of Trump supporters posited that it was the “Flight 93 election” — possibly the last chance to save the country.

The consequences of failure were so awful that anything was justified to win.

The lockdowns and riots of 2020. The open borders of the Biden administration. The constant gaslighting. Biden’s “Dark Brandon” Nuremberg Rally speech. The Afghanistan debacle. The rabid campus anti-Semitism after 10/7. What else does Lowry envision possibly starting in November, if not sooner?

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