Liberals introduce comprehensive plastics registry

Liberals introduce comprehensive plastics registry

The requirement to report all goods manufactured using plastic to the Ministry of the Environment’s new plastics regulator was quietly announced December 30.

Although the federal court recently struck down the Liberals’ ban on single use plastics, the inert and sterile hydrocarbon is still listed as a schedule one toxin alongside asbestos and lead.

The new Federal Plastics Registry will operate as part of the Plastics Regulatory Affairs Division of Environment and Climate Change Canada.

The new registry identifies a comprehensive list of economy-wide products made from plastic components, including agriculture and aquaculture implements, mobility aids, food and other packaging, transportation, electronic components, medical devices, and construction materials. The list also includes items used in the manufacturing of plastic, like resins.

According to a press release by Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault, the scheme “would require producers to report annually on the quantity and types of plastic they place on the Canadian market, how that plastic moves through the economy, and how it is managed at end of life. The Government would use this information to measure progress toward zero plastic waste and inform actions to accelerate the transition to a circular economy.”

The Liberals claim this is the first step to identifying and then phasing out plastics from the new “net-zero” economy.

However, Canada’s plastics production is estimated to contribute $42 billion to the Canadian GDP annually by 2027.

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