Judge Nichols gives Steve Bannon until Monday to respond to DOJ demand for immediate prison sentence.


Big news on the legal front. As many of you know, Steve Bannon, a prominent figure in conservative circles and a former advisor to President Trump, has been battling a contempt-of-Congress conviction. This all stems from his defiance of a subpoena from the House January 6 select committee investigating the events at the Capitol in 2021.

Well, a federal appeals court has now upheld this conviction. This means that Bannon’s legal troubles are far from over. The Justice Department informed a federal judge on Tuesday that Bannon must start serving his sentence unless he can prove that his appeal isn’t just a delay tactic and that it raises significant legal questions that could overturn his conviction.

Here’s the current situation:

  • US District Judge Carl Nichols, who oversaw Bannon’s initial trial, had put a hold on Bannon’s sentence while the appeal was ongoing.
  • Nichols has now given Bannon until Monday to respond to the DOJ’s latest request.
  • The DOJ’s stance is clear: unless Bannon can show his appeal is not merely a delay and has substantial grounds, he should begin his imprisonment.


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