It’s official. Hunter Biden’s #LaptopFromHell is government exhibit 16 at the First Son’s gun trial in Delaware.


Hunter Biden’s laptop, notorious as the #LaptopFromHell, is now government exhibit 16 in his gun trial in Delaware. At 2:10 PM today, prosecutor Derek Hines presented the silver MacBook Pro, wrapped in plastic, to his first witness, FBI Special Agent Erika Jensen. Jensen confirmed its authenticity through its serial number linked to Hunter’s iCloud identity. The laptop, subpoenaed from The Mac Shop in Wilmington where Hunter had abandoned it, was corroborated with content from Hunter’s iCloud obtained via subpoena from Apple. Hines meticulously reviewed WhatsApp messages, texts, images, and documents to illustrate Hunter’s drug use before, during, and after purchasing a handgun on October 12, 2018, under false pretenses of not being a drug user. Evidence revealed Hunter’s lavish spending of $50,000 monthly in ATM withdrawals and crack cocaine purchases. The jury remained focused as Hunter’s voice, extracted from his memoir audiobook, played in the courtroom. Witnesses, including Hallie Biden, who discarded the gun in a trash can, will testify soon after ex-wife Kathleen Buhle and ex-lover Zoe Kestan.

This trial, coming nearly four years after the New York Post broke the #LaptopFromHell story censored by Big Tech, underscores the serious allegations surrounding Hunter Biden. Initially dismissed as Russian disinformation by 51 ex-intelligence officials and denied by then-presidential candidate Joe Biden, the laptop’s contents now form the crux of the prosecution’s case, highlighting alleged perjury and drug abuse. The unfolding trial may have significant implications for the Biden family and broader political landscape.

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