Illegal Aliens Caught Using Fake Passports to Pose as Minors to Pass Through Biden’s Open Border – Guinea’s Government May Be Contributing | The Gateway Pundit


Border Patrol agents in the Tucson sector are seeing an increase in illegal aliens from the African state of Guinea using falsified passports to alter their age.  Many of them are claiming to be minors to increase their chances of crossing the border.

The border patrol is now examining the passports with more scrutiny to see if they are fake or altered in some way.

With the Biden regime’s open invitation to come into the U.S., it would hardly seem to make a difference anyway.

Fox News Reported:

Border Agents in the Tucson, Arizona sector are seeing an influx of immigrants from Guinea using fake passports to claim they are minors when entering the United States illegally, according to an internal alert obtained by Fox News.

The illegal immigrants are changing their ages and pretending to be unaccompanied minors so they’ll have a better chance of getting into the U.S.

The Border Patrol notice advises agents on what to look out for, and provides examples of real and fake Guinean passports. It warns that passports issued in the municipality of Conakry, Guinea’s capital, after June 2023 are “most likely fraudulent or altered.”

The Border Patrol agents were also informed that the government of Guinea may be playing a role in the falsification of the passports.

“Another migrant, according to Border Patrol, noted that an ‘illicit group’ stole many blank passport books from the ministry in Conakry and “has been selling and issuing the passports without the proper procedures.” Fox News reported.

The southern border has had massive numbers of illegals crossing into the U.S. from African countries such as Guinea and Congo. TGP reported earlier this month of many crossing into the U.S. to their destination cities.

Biden’s border crisis is getting worse by the day. Mass numbers of illegals are pouring into the United States daily.

“Massive numbers of adult men from around the world mixed in with families from Mexico and Ecuador. This is daily here,” Fox News reporter Bill Melugin said.

Some of these illegals are from Guinea in western Africa.



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