Hilarious ‘Prison Pen-Pal’ of Self-Proclaimed “Sex Symbol” Michael Cohen Revealed by NYT – “[I] Truly Love You” | The Gateway Pundit


This week in culture and politics was funny, borderline hilarious, if some of these events weren’t in fact real.

From artist Scott Lobaido releasing 1,000 penis-shaped balloons donning the images of political partisans involved in President Trump’s persecution to US Congress talking about adult beverages in a hearing, fake eye lashes, and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shouting to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green: “Baby Girl! Don’t even play with me!” to a female US Secret Service agent on Kamala Harris’s detail fighting her superior officers while on-duty.

With all of these comical distractions going on, there is still a critical trial taking place in New York.  Prosecutors in the “hush money” trial are expected to rest their case on Monday after Michael Cohen’s testimony wraps up.  Yesterday, Trump attorney Todd Blanche put Cohen through the ringer, flat out calling him a “liar!” as Cohen gets a little loose with his recollection of a 1 minute 36 second phone call with Trump’s body guard over a prank-caller.  Cohen alleged the call was to regarding the payment to Stormy Daniels, but, as the Daily Beast  pointed out, text messages before and after that call don’t support that claim.  Yes, the Daily Beast…as if this week needed more hilarity.

Even CNN’s Anderson Cooper couldn’t help but carefully tip-toe around how awful Cohen’s testimony was.

Perhaps Cohen can find consolation in his prison pen-pal!  According to the New York Times, Michael Cohen, the self-proclaimed “sex symbol” according to Michael Avenatti, has been cozying up to Rosie O’Donnell.

The New York Times reported that Rosie texted Michael Cohen on Monday before the trial:  “breathe – relax – tell the truth – u got this – i love u.”  An hour later, she texted him “Ur doing great.”

Cohen reportedly responded, “Thank you and truly love you.”

Sometime during his incarceration, Rosie said that she got his inmate number and sent him a letter.  A six-page long letter.  The NYT reported:

In the letter, Ms. O’Donnell said she believed that Mr. Cohen had helped Mr. Trump wage his campaign to discredit her. Nevertheless, she said, she was grateful to him, and viewed his decision to turn on his boss as an act of heroism. She believed in redemption and wanted Mr. Cohen to know that she forgave him for everything that had transpired between her and Mr. Trump.

“When someone is in a relationship that unhealthy and breaks free, it’s a very lonely time,” she said on Monday, adding that she did not necessarily expect to hear back from Mr. Cohen. She also realized he might not be seeking her forgiveness.

But Inmate No. 86067-054 soon wrote back.

“He asked me to come visit him,” Ms. O’Donnell said. The last person she visited in prison, in 2004, was her friend Martha Stewart, who was serving five months in a federal penitentiary on charges related to insider trading.

Rosie would go on to visit Inmate No. 86067-054 in Otisville.  She anticipated spending about an hour with him but ended up hitting it off and talking for more than six hours.

During her visit, ‘No. 054’ (for short) introduced her to his friends.

“Michael was sort of proudly introducing me to people, the friends he had met there.”

Rosie even said that “they held hands” at one point during the conversation.

Did anyone have ‘Michael Cohen befriending Rosie O’Donnell’ on their “the absurdity that is 2024” bingo card?


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