Grandmother murdered in front of granddaughter at Ipswich shopping centre –

Grandmother murdered in front of granddaughter at Ipswich shopping centre –

Black Africans on the rampage in Perth

One of a gang of four African criminals, allegedly knifed and killed a 70 year old woman in front of her six year old granddaughter as she was putting shopping into her car at the Redbank Plains shopping centre on Saturday.

File Photo: African hoodlums are terrorising Brisbane, killing and maiming Queenslanders.This must not be tolerated. Time for residents to arm up to defend their homes and their lives. In most cases these cowardly black African grubs will clear out quickly if a victim has a gun or pepper spray. There are recipes on the net for pepper spray.

Queensland police say they “will not stop” until they arrest the man responsible for the “abhorrent” killing of a 70-year-old grandmother at a shopping centre west of Brisbane.

Vyleen White was stabbed in the chest during a violent robbery, in front of her six-year-old granddaughter, at Redbank Plains Shopping Centre in Ipswich on Saturday.

Police were called to the car park around 6:30pm in response to reports of a serious assault.

They were confronted with a horrific scene when they arrived to treat Mrs White, who a witness said was lying in a pool of blood.

A nearby doctor heard the young girl screaming and rushed to the aid of the grandmother but was unable to save her.

Queenslanders can squarely place the blame for African scum invading the suburbs right onto the Australian Labor Party, The Greens and the unions all of whom have facilitated the import of these horrible wastrels.

The only issue here is the woke Liberal National Party if it gets government by default in Queensland will not lift a finger to deport these low-lifes and voters will have to suffer from untold violence until this country is cleaned up of these black bastards. Unfortunately the even worse, woke Labor Party has prevented police from controlling black criminal gangs on the streets as they, similar to our own black criminals are protected by the United (Communist) Nations Right to Crime so carefully cultured by the BLM movement.

Detectives have now released an image of a seized vehicle of interest, which was driven from the shopping centre following the incident, and was found on Sunday morning at Springfield Lakes.

The car was undergoing forensic examination and police want anyone who has seen this vehicle to contact them. 

Police have also released on social media CCTV footage of four males, possibly young, believed to be responsible for dumping the car.

“I describe those four persons of interest as African males in appearance,” Acting Superintendent McQueen said.

He said it appeared the man who attacked Ms White acted alone, but investigations were ongoing, including a thorough review of CCTV.

“To kill an elderly 70-year-old woman in front of her six-year-old granddaughter, is abhorrent, it’s violent and it’s a cowardly crime like I have not seen in my time as a detective.

“It doesn’t matter where they are, we will locate these offenders or offender and we will hold them accountable.”

This is a link to a timeline of black African violence in Queensland:

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