Get paid $85K/year to get trained in Albany NY For a NYS leadership Govt Job. READ INSIDE & your jaw will drop.


Outrageous! While ordinary folks struggle, the Empire State Fellows enjoy a cushy $85,000 salary for their “training.” Absurd priorities!

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“STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — The application period for the 2024-2026 Empire State Fellows Program is set to open Jan. 5, 2024, according to

The prestigious full-time leadership training program aims to prepare the next generation of professionals for careers as New York State policymakers. For more than a decade, graduates from this program have gone on to assume coveted senior positions such as deputy commissioner, deputy secretary and chief of staff throughout various state agencies.

The incoming class will extend from September 2024 to September 2026, with candidates receiving an annual salary of $85,000 and benefits. At the conclusion of the program, a performance review process will highlight Empire State Fellows that will earn the opportunity to continue serving as leaders in New York State government following completion of the program, as mentioned on the website.

At the core of the Empire State Fellows Program is direct engagement with the work conducted by the New York State government. The Governor’s Office will be responsible for individually appointing each fellow to work alongside a Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner or other high-level policy maker at a New York State agency or authority, or in the Executive Chamber, as detailed on”

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