Geert Wilders’s Dutch Coalition Pledges ‘Strictest-Ever’ Migration Policy, Warns Illegals Will Be Removed ‘By Force’ | The Gateway Pundit


Dutch conservative leader Geert Wilders has pledged to implement his country’s “strictest ever” asylum policy after he finally reached a coalition agreement to form a government.

Wilders yesterday confirmed the completion of a coalition agreement after six months of negotiations following last year’s general election, in which he won a significant number of seats but short of a governing majority.

As a result, Wilders is pledging to bring in major immigration reforms that would prevent the ongoing invasion of the country’s borders.

MailOnline notes:

The Netherlands has today said it will opt out of European Union rules to bring in its ‘strictest-ever’ asylum policy following Geert Wilders’ shock election victory.

The newly agreed Dutch coalition government said the new policy will see people removed from the European country ‘by force’ – setting up a clash with leaders in Brussels even before it has taken office.

The 26-page coalition agreement emerged early Thursday after six months of gruelling talks between four parties following last years’ stunning election victory by Wilders, the long-time Euro-sceptic and leader of the far-right PVV party.

The parties said they would file a request to the European Commission for an opt-out on European asylum policy ‘as soon as possible.’ People without a valid residence permit will be deported ‘by force if necessary,’ said the report.

Yet as reported by The Gateway Pundit, Wilders has had to make significant concessions to his left-wing coalition partners that will soften parts of his agenda. This includes dropping opposition to funding Ukraine’s war against Russia and withdrawing his name for the role of Prime Minister.

However, Wilders remained upbeat about the prospects of the coalition government, which involves working with three so-called “right-leaning” political parties.

“‘I can’t see this fail… If everything goes according to plan today, it will be a great outcome,” he told reporters on Wednesday. “We have a negotiating agreement. But the factions will also discuss it later, so there may be adjustments and amendments.”

An agreement on who will serve as Prime Minister has yet to be finalized.

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