Exclusive: Two Zoom calls were the only consultations the feds intended to do on vaccine mandates


Employers and stakeholders were asking for alternatives and warning of essential service disruptions if the Trudeau Liberals imposed a vaccine mandate on federally regulated industries, access to information documents obtained by Rebel News from Employment and Social Development Canada reveal.

Canadians saw supply chain disruptions, chaos in the airports, and long waits to use federal service like passport renewals in the wake of the federal government’s requirement to have the one million Canadians working in federally regulated industries and government agencies to receive a COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of employment by October 31, 2021.

Rebel News requested any documents related to consultations between the government and affected employers in March 2022. The feds took a four-month extension in April 2022, and we received the documents December 2023, 16 months overdue.

Records of internal communications demonstrate employers and stakeholders were issuing dire warnings to the feds about proceeding with a blanket policy, regardless of the objections of employees.

On page 12: “It was clear that a one-size fits all approach will not respond to the realities of all sectors within the federal jurisdiction.”

Page 18: “Many employers and labour organizations called for flexibility and the need to have an alternative to vaccination to avoid supply chain impacts.”

And page 21: two Zoom calls were the only consultations the government intended to do on vaccine mandates.

Two Zoom calls before putting the health and jobs of one million people at risk. That’s tyranny.

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