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China patiently waiting for Labor to disarm the Australian population. Pic from ABC

From our Townsville correspondent

Queensland Labor Police Minister Mark Ryan, a solicitor, defended his proposed fascist changes to the Firearms Act on ABC Radio Monday as being necessary for  “community safety” a claim not believed by the radio interviewer or the listening audience judging by comments of those who heard it.

On May 1, 2024, Mark Ryan, Minister for Police and Community Safety, introduced the Queensland Community Safety Bill 2024 into the Queensland Parliament. The Bill was referred to the Community Safety and Legal Affairs Committee for detailed consideration.

The Minister invited public submissions about the savage and unlawful amendments for just eight days, when compared to any other legislative amendments for any other act, normally would be months.

The radio interviewer queried the Minister more than once pointing out this shortcoming which the Labor UN operative shrugged off.

“The consultation period has nothing to do with me, that is controlled by the parliamentary committee (dominated by ALP MP’s),” the egregious Minister said.

The legislative onslaught by Labor has begun in earnest knowing they will be overwhelmingly defeated in the October poll, voter fraud notwithstanding. They will be trying to implement UN policy in a number of other areas restricting people’s rights especially in food production.

Charlton Heston told NRA conference
‘You can have my gun when you prise
it from my cold dead hand’

They have already started the process to nominate Cape York Peninsula for World Heritage to be managed by a bunch of frogs in Paris.

Qld Labor has been waging war against coastal farmers for ten years by introducing fertilizer bans and sending in compliance officers to stop land owners from farming on parts of their inalienable freehold land, an unconstitutional interference with property rights and food production.

How farmers ever allowed the ALP to get away with these unlawful and unnecessary environmental restrictions defies belief.

Gun licence holders should be aware you are about to get similar treatment and if you or one of your family members or friends make a Facebook comment the thought police don’t like they will raid your home without a search warrant or any other judicial oversight and seize your guns then strip you of your gun licence and maybe shoot you in the process if you resist.

Our many American readers will be reacting in amazement asking why we don’t have a Second Amendment. We can tell them we don’t even have a Constitutional government.

We can remember the East German Stasi doing similar things in the 60’s but Queensland Labor now expects their corporate, paramilitary police to do the same, under instructions of the UN and Jewish Deep State.

Stalin and Mao would learn quite a bit from this motley mob of Brisbane, academic retards none of whom has ever held a real job in the real world.

“We are very worried about what this legislation is proposing, and the general public should certainly take the time to read it because it impacts on others aside from just licensed firearm holders.” – Deputy Leader Katters Australian Party, Nick Dametto.


Many readers by their comments over years believe the LibLab nexus has finally grasped the mortal position they find themselves in as more and more people wake up to what is causing overflowing emergency departments and why thousands of vaccine victims and athletes are dropping dead from ‘Sudden Death Syndrome.’

When the senate managed to get a Royal Commission into the government Covid response and its impacts on the community last session, thousands of vaccine-injured people would have finally realized something was amiss with the gene-altering jabs and their lingering sickness and injuries and those of their precious children were not caused by the flu.

The truth about the Covid scamdemic and experimental vaccines could emerge from this inquiry and these revelations would shed light on the genocidal perpetrators.

LibLab is desperate to get guns out of public hands and will try any ruse to take yours. They know what is coming but will be on the receiving end just for a change.


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