DESPICABLE: 155 Democrats Vote Against Deporting Illegal Aliens Who Rob America’s Seniors by Committing Social Security Fraud | The Gateway Pundit

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Most of the Democrats in the House would prefer to let illegals drain the wallets of our seniors than send them back where they came from.

As reports, H.R. 6678 makes certain acts related to Social Security or identification document fraud grounds barring an illegal alien from admission into the United States or deporting the individual. Specifically, this applies to an individual who has been convicted of the offense or has admitted to committing the crime.

Offenses that constitute grounds of inadmissibility and deportation under the proposed legislation include:

(1) knowingly and without lawful authority producing a false identification document.

(2) making a false statement of material fact in an application for Social Security disability benefits.

The House of Representatives passed this H.R. 6678 by a vote of 272-155, with all Republicans present voting in favor and 155 Democrats in opposition. Yes, 155 Democrats decided to swear their loyalty to foreign nationals over the American people.

Per, here is the full list of quislings who stabbed Social Security beneficiaries in the back on Wednesday:

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As Stephen Miller notes, this represents 75% of the Democrat caucus. Following the vote, he called for Americans to vote them all out.

Many Americans responded by accusing the Democrats of committing treason.

In a sane country, this bill would have passed unanimously in the House without any debate. But thanks to the radical left, much of America has lost any semblance of commonsense long ago.

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