Dem Strategist James Carville Hits Biden for Skipping Super Bowl Interview, Says it Shows His Campaign Has ‘Little Confidence in Him’ | The Gateway Pundit


James Carville, the ‘Ragin’ Cajun’ of Democrat politics, is knocking Joe Biden for not doing the Super Bowl interview, suggesting that this shows his campaign doesn’t have much confidence in him. Ouch.

Earlier this week, Dem strategist David Axelrod was raising the alarm about Biden’s horrible TV address and now this.

The people who make a living helping Democrat win are sounding the alarm. This does not bode well for Biden.

The Hill reports:

Carville: Biden not accepting Super Bowl interview is a ‘sign’

Democratic strategist James Carville said President Biden not sitting for an interview before the Super Bowl is a “sign” of his administration having little confidence in him.

“It’s the biggest television audience, not even close, and you get a chance to do a 20, 25-minute interview on that day, and you don’t do it, that’s a kind of sign that the staff or yourself doesn’t have much confidence in you, there’s no other way to read this,” Carville said in a recent interview on CNN’s “Smerconish.”

This will be the second year in a row that the president has not sat for an interview before the big game. Biden’s decision not to participate comes as he’s been facing bad press in the wake of the release of a special counsel report on his handling of classified documents.

The report from special counsel Robert Hur, released Thursday, concluded no charges should be brought against the president, but it noted Biden had problems with memory and recall.

If Carville is saying this openly, what are people saying behind closed doors?

The cat is out of the bag. When Carville is saying this, Biden has a serious problem.

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