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As we’ve discussed before, the culture of death continues to expand in many decadent Western cultures, and this descent into lunacy is making Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide increasingly normalized options for people who mostly seem plagued by the lack of competent healthcare.

In fact, it’s become a kind of ‘vogue’, generating stories like this: Canadian Hospital Suggests Euthanasia to Suicidal Woman Who Went There For Help.

Or this: Euthanasia on the Rise: The Culture of Death Creates a High Tech ‘Sarcophagus’, While Suggesting ‘Assisted Suicide’ To Disabled People.

The latest distressing story hitting the news cycle is the horrid tale of the young, physically healthy Dutch woman who decided to be euthanized over her crippling depression.

I wrote about Ms. ter Beek’s disturbing story here in TGP – read more:

CULTURE OF DEATH: Physically Healthy Young Woman Suffering From Depression To Be Euthanized in the Netherlands, After ‘Doctors’ Say She’s ‘Never Gonna Get Any Better’

It turns out that she has now been granted approval by the Dutch authorities to get help to end her life.

Officials in the Netherlands have given the final approval for young Zoraya ter Beek to die by assisted suicide.

The authorization was granted on the grounds of ‘unbearable mental suffering’.

New York Post reported:

“Ter Beek first applied for assisted suicide in 2020, following battles with depression and suicidal thoughts caused by difficulties in her early childhood.

The once-aspiring psychiatrist suffers from chronic depression, anxiety, trauma, borderline personality disorder and was diagnosed with autism.

Ter Beek believed that the safe environment her partner offered would help her mentally heal, but it didn’t and she reportedly continued to have suicidal thoughts and self-harmed.”

While many people are touched by her story, she did get her fair share of haters online. But ter Beek says she has thought about her decision throughout the years-long process.

“’In the three and a half years this has taken, I’ve never hesitated about my decision. I have felt guilt — I have a partner, family, friends and I’m not blind to their pain. And I’ve felt scared. But I’m absolutely determined to go through with it’, she said.”

The process seems legitimate from the outside: she was evaluated by a team of physicians, had a second opinion on her ‘eligibility’ to die, then the whole case has to be reviewed by a third independent doctor. But in the end, all these MDs were people with the mindset of the culture of death.

The young lady herself does not understand the difference between the reactions she got over it.

“People were saying: ‘Don’t do it, your life is precious.’ I know that. Others said they had a cure, like a special diet or drugs. Some told me to find Jesus or Allah, or told me I’d burn in hell. It was a total shitstorm. I couldn’t handle all the negativity.”

To say ‘your life is precious’ or ‘Find Jesus’ is hardly ‘negativity’ like, for example, ‘you will burn in hell.’ In the end, the ‘positivity’ Zoraya wants is people cheering her on to die. We will never do that.

She already has the Dutch state and government taking her by the hand to the great beyond.

Geert Wilders will have many other problems to tackle besides expelling illegal aliens from the Netherlands. The culture of Death has to be one of them.

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