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Meanwhile amidst the Covid Royal Commission Terms of Reference Senate inquiry …
The Australian Government has just unveiled a new beast: the Centre for Disease Control (CDC).

It sounds harmless, maybe even helpful, but this is no ordinary health agency. Its draft aim is to fulfill functions under a new treaty on pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response — the Pandemic Treaty — currently being cooked up by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The WHO Pandemic Treaty is an unprecedented assault on national sovereignty and individual freedom! It will empower the WHO to unilaterally dictate pandemic responses and health policies, and, as such, poses a grave threat to state autonomy. The Pandemic Treaty also seeks to undermine free speech under the guise of protecting public health. What’s worse is that, under the treaty, decisions of the WHO will be binding on all member countries.

The Pandemic Treaty is far from a done deal, with the fight still on to scuttle this attack on sovereignty and freedom. But we’ve often wondered, if the treaty was passed, how could WHO decrees be implemented in Australia, particularly if a brave future government decided to try and push back. Well, now we know.

This new CDC will essentially act as a Trojan horse, enforcing the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty in Australia, regardless of what the Australian Government says.

What we will have is a government agency leading the globalist charge, and engaging in a direct assault on our national sovereignty, and personal freedom.

The good news is that the CDC is still in its infancy. And while that’s the case, we have a golden opportunity to nip this menace in the bud before it grows into an unstoppable force.

That is why we are urgently petitioning Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and his Health Minister Mark Butler to disband this CDC.

Our fight against the CDC isn’t just about fighting a health agency. It’s about safeguarding our cherished principles.

This CDC is an open door to foreign influence — globalist influence — over our health decisions. Imagine our domestic health policies being shaped by the likes of Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Bill Gates, or Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, courtesy of an Australian taxpayer-funded agency.

It is clear that this new CDC will become a surveillance tool in disguise. Under the banner of public health, we’ll likely see invasive tracking and monitoring.

The CDC could also have the unchecked power to impose globalist-decreed health mandates on Australians. We’re talking mandatory medical procedures and restrictions here!

Our personal freedoms and choices are at stake. This CDC could enforce globalist policies that trample on individual rights, forcing us into a corner.

And even if the Pandemic Treaty is scuttled, the CDC remains a centralised national health authority, which can make personal health decisions that affect us and our loved ones.

It’s a threat to our democratic principles, concentrating power in the hands of a few …

Join our fight. Sign our petition and tell Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and his Health Minister Mark Butler to disband the CDC now.
Credit: George Christensen

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