Conservative ‘Cheers’ Star John Ratzenberger Explains Why Working Class People Support Trump: ‘He Knows How to Build Things’ | The Gateway Pundit


John Ratzenberger, the actor who played ‘Cliff Clavin’ the mail carrier on the iconic TV series ‘Cheers’ is a Republican and a Trump supporter.

During a recent conversation with FOX News Digital, Ratzenberger explained that many working class people support Trump because he knows how to build things and understands the importance of this.

Ratzenberger has been talking about the importance of knowing how to build and use tools for years. Prior to becoming an actor, he was a carpenter.

FOX News reports:

‘Cheers’ star declares why he thinks working-class Americans support Trump: ‘He knows how to build things’

“Cheers” star and voice actor in the “Toy Story” franchise, John Ratzenberger, spoke to Fox News Digital about his support for former President Donald Trump, stating that the president is a builder who knows how important it is for America to have a resurgence in manufacturing and skilled labor jobs.

Ratzenberger, who made a living from carpentry in between acting gigs over the years, also explained why he believes the 2024 presidential candidate has a lot of support among American manufacturers and blue-collar workers – or as Ratzenberger likes to call them, “essential workers.”

“Because he knows how to build things,” Ratzenberger declared.

“Don’t forget what he did before he was on television and ran for president. He built buildings, so he was in charge of, ‘We need more glaziers or brick workers or carpenters, electricians.’ And that’s what he dealt with all his life,” he said.

The actor added, “And so he knows probably better than anybody – one of the reasons that I’m a fan of his – that we’re running out of those people, and it’s jeopardizing our civilization.”

In this video, Ratzenberger talks about the work he has done to teach people around the country about the importance of knowing how to use tools and make things.

It’s just another reminder that not everyone in Hollywood is a liberal. There are definitely fewer outspoken conservatives in entertainment, but they do exist.


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