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Olaf Scholz is the most unpopular German Chancellor in the last decades, and his ‘traffic light’ coalition is an unmitigated mess.

So it was widely expected that the European Elections would be bad for his center-left Social Democrats (SPD), and good for the AfD right-wing opposition.

But the aftermath of the vote saw MSM calling it ‘a disaster’, ‘a humiliation’ for Scholz. And worse, voices have been raised demanding that the embattled Chancellor call early elections, like France did – which he is refusing, for now.

Even his party is calling it a ‘bitter defeat’.

It was SPD’s worst outcome ever in a national election, with 13.9 %. Greens dropped to 11.9 % and the FDP came in at just 5.2 %.

The right wing AfD (Alternative for Germany), even with all attacks, came out ahead of the governing parties with 15.9%.

Conservatives Christian Democrats (CDU) and the allied Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU) together won 30% of the vote.

The European elections were a test of approval for Scholz.

And he filed it badly.

Deutsche Welle reported:

“CDU leader Friedrich Merz and CSU leader Markus Söder are calling for new elections in Germany. After a CSU executive meeting in Munich, Söder said that the European elections were a ‘vote against the traffic light coalition” and a ‘clear vote of no confidence’ in the Chancellor.

Söder said Scholz had lost his legitimacy and the confidence of the electorate. ‘Olaf Scholz is a king without a country’, he said. If the traffic light government carries on like this, ‘people will be deeply frustrated’.”  

But his coalition is not considering new elections. The next Bundestag election are to be held in the fall of 2025.

It’s fairly obvious that Scholz would be out of office if he called new elections, as the chancellor is elected by a majority of MPs in the Bundestag.

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