Boys at Fernald School, Mass. were FED RADIOACTIVE OATMEAL as part of experiment.


The Fernald School’s history reveals the disturbing truth of government-sponsored eugenics experiments, including the heinous radioactive oatmeal trials on intellectually disabled boys. This shocking revelation serves as a stark reminder of the government’s unchecked power and the atrocities it’s capable of perpetrating.

  • The Fernald School, originally founded with a progressive mission, became a site of unethical medical experiments.
  • The school’s involvement in radioactive oatmeal experiments, conducted with the approval of the Atomic Energy Commission, targeted intellectually disabled boys.
  • These experiments, conducted under the guise of a “Science Club,” subjected vulnerable individuals to horrific risks without informed consent.

This is a chilling exposé of the government’s grotesque abuse of power and the callous disregard for the lives of vulnerable individuals. The revelation of the Fernald School’s involvement in eugenics experiments, particularly the despicable radioactive oatmeal trials, is nothing short of horrifying. To think that intellectually disabled boys were exploited as guinea pigs in the name of science is a damning indictment of the government’s moral bankruptcy. These innocent children, lured with promises of special privileges, were subjected to unimaginable risks without their consent or understanding.


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