Biden blocks release of audio from classified documents investigation; House panel moves toward contempt for AG Garland


The public has a right to hear the transcript.

In a dramatic turn of events, a House panel has escalated tensions by advancing contempt proceedings against Attorney General Merrick Garland. This follows hours after the White House’s refusal to produce the audio recording of President Biden’s interview, a move that has sparked outrage and accusations of stonewalling transparency. The standoff underscores deepening mistrust between Congress and the executive branch, with implications for the rule of law and governmental accountability. As the controversy unfolds, all eyes are on Capitol Hill as lawmakers navigate a pivotal moment in the ongoing battle over oversight and constitutional responsibilities.

BREAKING: House Judiciary Committee Votes to Hold Corrupt Attorney General Merrick Garland in Contempt of Congress

Joe Biden Invokes Executive Privilege Over Special Counsel Recordings

After the DOJ stonewalled over surrendering an audio recording of Special Counsel Robert Hur’s interview with President Joe Biden over his handling of classified documents, the White House has invoked executive privilege to block House Republicans from obtaining it.

On Wednesday, Attorney General Merrick Garland requested that Biden assert executive privilege over the recordings following a subpoena from the House Judiciary and Oversight committees.

“Because of the President’s longstanding commitment to protecting the integrity, effectiveness, and independence of the Department of Justice and its law enforcement investigations, he has decided to assert executive privilege over the recordings,” said White House counsel Ed Siskel in a letter obtained by The Hill.

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